by lbrow 24 Dec 2018

PRAYERS NEEDED PLEASE!. Daughter went to Nashville, Tn. to visit her n laws for Christmas, got sick and now in hosp for 2 days. They are saying either Pancreatitis or Gall Bladder. No results of tests in yet. Nothing but IV fluids so far. Cannot eat or drink and in extreme pain. Her hubby and his family with her and her youngest son and his wife. Please pray. She will be 59 on the 30th of this month.


by sharonleekesner 25 Dec 2018

Praying for your daughter.

by maleah 25 Dec 2018

Nashville has great hospitals as I don't live too far from them. God bless

by rescuer Moderator 25 Dec 2018

Prayers for all. A mamma's heart...

by 02kar Moderator 25 Dec 2018

I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope it is resolved quickly and she is feeling better soon. Prayers going up.

by basketkase 25 Dec 2018

Prayers on their way!

by graceandham 25 Dec 2018

Adding her to my prayers. I ditched my gallbladder at 33 and the pain was horrible, Either way I hope it can solved quickly.

by toogie 25 Dec 2018

Oh Mrs Lillian, I hate to hear about her being in pain, so far away from you, too. Was this one of the daughters I met in Birmingham? Either one is bad to have, but hopefully its the gall bladder, the lesser of the two evils.

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lbrow by lbrow 25 Dec 2018

Pancreatitis it is Toogie, breaks my heart because I cannot go to her, but talking on phone freq to her. This is not one you met. She is next to oldest and a Diabetic, other than Diabetes one of the healthiest with no other problems. Now this.

by craphael 25 Dec 2018

I'm sending prayers your way that your daughter's test results come out ok. I'm sorry you are going through this, I imagine it's pretty scary news that she has been hospitalized and in extreme pain. All that read your request will surely send loving prayers to you and your daughter.

God bless,

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Dec 2018

Oh Miss Lillian. She will be lifted up and covered in prayers. Also for you and the rest of the family. May God give everyone the peace and strength needed to get through this crisis. Hugs for you.

by dailylaundry 24 Dec 2018

Prayers for your Dear Daughter! Hopefully, this is something that can be easily resolved - so very for the worries - let us know how she is! Prayers for her and for you!! Hugs to you, Laura