by killiecrankie 24 Dec 2018

Thursday afternoon we had a series of hailstorms pass over us.It was interesting to watch the hail bounce around the yard while the sun was out,from the kitchen window.Looking out from the upstairs windows the hail looked like it was being shot out of a cannon ,hitting the pergola roof ,then landing nearly 50ft away.

While hanging the washing out under the pergola, on Friday morning I discovered holes & cracks all over the roof.Rang the insurance company lodged a claim & paid the excess.
Seeing it was Friday & a lot businesses were closing up for 2 weeks,we were suprised when the insurance company rang us Sunday morning ,telling us no one had been assigned to our case.They told us to get our own tradesman to send in a quote with photos of the damage & they would send us the money to pay him.Luckily a roofer lives around the corner but he only does tile & tin roofs but he gave us a name .He came around this afternoon .Its Christmas Eve here & there are many people with damage house roofs.We were very lucky to find someone to do the quote but it will be a few weeks before they can get the roofing.
Hoping everyone has a lovely Christmas.


by babash 24 Dec 2018

Glad you found someone quickly and hope that is all the damage. Have you been able to get someone up on the roof to check there is no damage to the house?
We had a leak years ago that we didn't know about until a trickle down the wall in the lounge in a bad down pour. Just a crack in the roof but enough for water to get in when the wind was coming a certain way.

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 24 Dec 2018

This roof is 24yrs old & the warranty for it was 10yrs ,& there have been many hailstorms over the years.Years ago our car got caught in hailstorm at the end of Nov & didn't get fixed until late Feb .Christmas shut down & all the the claims ,caused the delay.

by graceandham 24 Dec 2018

I remember watching hail bounce up out of my tall grass in Texas and it looked like it was coming from below rather than above. I'm glad you're on the way to recovery on the roof and wish you a blessed Christmas day - anyway!

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by crafter2243 Moderator edited 24 Dec 2018

Timing was horrible, but I am glad you have part of it solved. It has been my experience that stuff seems to be happening on weekends or holidays. Hope you Christmas will be without further storms
Merry Christmas

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 24 Dec 2018

Our experience with this time of year ,something awful happens.So far the cat is not well & the vet isn't sure whats wrong.He has just vomited over the bathroom tiles ,so he will be visiting the vet again.We thought he was getting better.Husband isn't feeling well but is a lot better than last Christmas ,when he ended up in hospital.
The roof is easily fixed next year.
Merry Christmas

by pennifold 24 Dec 2018

Hi Judy, now that is what I call great service and so close to Christmas. I hope you don't any more storms to further damage your roof. Merry Christmas, love Chris

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 24 Dec 2018

We were glad that the insurance company was so prompt but I had already called the building suppliers who had provided all the materials for the pergola ,to see if the Solartuff in our colour was still available,it wasn't.He did tell me they were closing that afternoon for 2 weeks & it would be a few days to come in ,once ordered.
The roofer man said when he comes back ,he will get up on the roof tiles & make sure none of them are damaged.There is no water damage on the ceilings But there is no way we can get up onto the roof our 2 storey house