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by Sewmum1 ( edited 05 Dec 2018 ) 05 Dec 2018

Update: I managed to fix this blanket as best as possible given the situation. No more big holes and the customer now has 2 blankets instead of one 3m long one. I just wish I had have been able to tackle the restoration with wool and needles rather than a sewing machine.

Need urgent advice from experienced knitters
Hi everyone, been awol due to work and other commitments but I am stuck at work and have been asked to restore an old knitted blanket where the wool used to join the pieces together has perished. I would prefer to restore this blanket properly by hand using wool but do not have the luxury due to customer request and lack of time and supplies where I am. Also the other problem is I only have access to a sewing machine and overlocker at my disposal and needs to be done today.

I have fixed up some of the holes but now the customer wants it cut in half. I have found a place where i can undo the whip stitching except it has a band knitted to the edges. Any suggestions as to how I would handle the band after cutting so it doesnt unravel? It is a ribbed band. I have added a pic of the band area. Thanks for any suggestions


by cfidl 09 Dec 2018

Yeah, sometimes you need to sew instead of knit. I feel better with a zigzag, knowing it is not going to unravel,

by pennifold 08 Dec 2018

Wow, I'm impressed with your save. Great ideas from Ursula below. I know it would have been much nicer to have done it by hand, but you saved the blanket, well done. Love chris

by babash 08 Dec 2018

Good save You did the impossible.

by castor 05 Dec 2018

I would use soluble Stabiliser over and under the Blanket .Secure both sides next to the Place where you want to make the Cut with a couple Lines of straight Stiches After cutting use zigzag or overlocking to secure the knitting edges and add a Binding. Wash out the Stabiliser and your done .I hope this helps you, hugs Ursula

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 05 Dec 2018

Thanks Ursula for your reply. I ended up securing the edges of the band before cutting it, then used a triple zigzag over the cut edge. This will keep the customer happy and the blanket from going to the dump. Thanks for your advice.

castor by castor 06 Dec 2018

I am glad you where able to fix the Blankets, hugs to you