by stork 06 Nov 2018

Was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a fellow in 4-H sewing who is looking for the Kwik Sew pattern3251 of a man's jean jacket. If there is anyone who would be willing to share, sell or give this pattern away or knows where he can purchase one - all help would be appreciated. Thank you. Tonya aka stork


by babash 08 Nov 2018

I thought I had this pattern as it looked familiar but the one I have is Simplicity 6593 Looks very similar must have bought it 40 years ago as it has a price of $1.40 Aust.
Sorry the back of the pattern doesn't show up too good.
If this is close to what you were looking for perhaps search this one as well.

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stork by stork 09 Nov 2018

Thank you! Will pass on the info!

by hightechgrammy 07 Nov 2018

I have had great luck finding old patterns on eBay! Good Luck

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stork by stork 09 Nov 2018

THank you

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Nov 2018

Everywhere I looked it was not available, You may want to try E Bay. It probably has been discontinued.

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stork by stork 09 Nov 2018

okay....will check it out. Thank you

by pennifold 06 Nov 2018

I know you are in Pennsylvania Tonya and I was rather hoping he could find one on the internet. I just had a look on Google search and there are a few on there. I can't help you as I live in Australia. I do hope he finds one., I've put a picture up of it in case someone has one. Love Chris

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stork by stork 07 Nov 2018

that is the one......thanks. we have been trying to find one online but no luck as yet. hoping someone has one tucked away for him! lol