by noah 06 Oct 2018

My second try at these book covers***This one is to small to:(:(**Will try find a book to fit it also when i get to the city***Kim offered to help me***I am now onto how to sew them properly so that is good!!So will try again lol

Thanks for LQQKING***hugs Carolyn


by Smokey12 edited 08 Oct 2018

She added a 5x7 for the Canada/US people. If you bought yours before the you can just re-download and it should be there. The A ones did not fit for us. I know a couple of people just enlarged them in the machine a bit and it worked if the books were a small bit bigger than the 5x7.

by basketkase 08 Oct 2018

Very pretty once again....

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noah by noah 08 Oct 2018

Thanks Vicki***hugs4u2

by sebsews 07 Oct 2018

Wishing you good luck on finding the right size. But I still think you have done a great job! Hugs, Suzanna

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noah by noah 08 Oct 2018

Thanks Sue hugs

by airyfairy 07 Oct 2018

I hope you manage to come right. With Kim’s help I am sure all will be good. How annoying that you cannot find a book to fit. Love the materials you have used.

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noah by noah 07 Oct 2018

Thanks hugs

by pennifold 07 Oct 2018

This is gorgeous Carolyn and I love the fabrics chosen for this one. I hope you eventually get the right size. Love Chris

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noah by noah 07 Oct 2018

me toooooooooooo hugs

by hoplessnz 06 Oct 2018

Hi I live in the same city as Kreative Kiwi . If you email her with the size you are after she is most obliging with help. Worth a try

pennifold by pennifold 06 Oct 2018

Hi Hilda, we love Christchurch, it's our favourite city in the south island of New Zealand. It's so great that Heather is willing to help out an embroiderer. I hope it all works out for Carolyn. Love Chris

noah by noah 07 Oct 2018

I did ask *****

by shirley124 06 Oct 2018

I bought this book cover. Hope I don’t have the problems you are having. I want to make some for Christmas gifts. By the way love your colours. Hugs 🌺🌿

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noah by noah 07 Oct 2018

thanks i wanted one for my sister for herb/day and Christmas ***

by sonjapotgieter 06 Oct 2018

Gorgeous!!!Love the fabric!!!3rd Time Lucky!!!

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noah by noah 06 Oct 2018

I hope sewwwwwwwww

by babash 06 Oct 2018

Loving your choice of colours. Yes you have perfected the making of them they look so good.
I am hoping when you do get to a bigger town to shop you can find the perfect size book to fit the covers.
At least if you have the covers made up in different sizes to can try them on the books before you buy.
A bit like taking a child to get new clothes as they have grown so much since last year.LOL

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noah by noah 06 Oct 2018

My thoughts to thanks for commenting hugs

by decojo 06 Oct 2018


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noah by noah 06 Oct 2018


by topcat5 06 Oct 2018

I also like the design and the colors you've chosen. Especially like the satin stitch on the center piece (can't remember the name just now). But did you see the YouTube demo that Kiwi has on this design? She put it just below the info so you can see the entire making of it. I didn't know it was so involved. Good for you!!

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noah by noah 06 Oct 2018

yes i watched it and now i can sew them perfect just can't get them the size i want yet lol hugs

by pennyhal2 06 Oct 2018

Looks great! Practice makes perfect so they say! Those fabrics are perfect together and a great color too. I appreciate seeing the size of it as well.

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noah by noah 06 Oct 2018

Thanks Penny hugs4u2