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by pennifold ( edited 14d ago ) 15d ago

Made a shopping bag today also out of PET mesh. It’s what we’ve actually got on our outback flyscreen door. It’s very durable. I want to make a few more as we have banned plastic bags in our grocery stores in NSW and most other states. It holds a heck of a lot of groceries. I’d made one a couple of weeks ago but when Dana saw it she snapped it up !!! Love Chris

Added picture of all the other bags made at The Newcastle Sewing Guild

UPDATE: Made number 2 bag today also in black and gold but with Snowflakes.


by katydid 14d ago

Looks great. Good luck with your project. These would work well at sport advents where they inspect your bags.

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pennifold by pennifold 14d ago

Hi Kay, yes, they would be great at sports events and they hold a lot! Love Chris

by loriziegler 14d ago

This bag is so beautiful and handy! Would you mind please telling me where I could get a pattern to make one? I am a very novice sewer is it really hard to make? Thank you very much! Lori

pennifold by pennifold 14d ago

Hi Lori, I'm sure there would be one somewhere on the internet like it. I just had a look at Petmesh shopping bag patterns on Google and there are lots and lots of them. This one is quite easy to make, just lots of preparation to ensure everything matches up etc. Love Chris

loriziegler by loriziegler 13d ago

Thank you sooo much!

pennifold by pennifold 12d ago

You are very welcome. Love Chris

by sebsews 14d ago

These are so nice and love that they replace the plastic shopping bags! Somewhere I have seen that pattern to make this style tote. Hugs, Suzanna

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pennifold by pennifold 14d ago

Yes, it's great to be able to replace the plastic shopping bags. I don't know where the pattern came from as it was handed out at the Guild. I'm sure there would be lots of patterns around that would be like this. Love Chris

by meganne 14d ago

What a great idea! Love 'em.

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pennifold by pennifold 14d ago

Thanks Meg, I agree with you. Love Chris

by mrskiki 14d ago

Add your initial and then no-one else can claim it! Very nice. Hugs. Nan W

mrskiki by mrskiki 14d ago

You can embroider on the screening , you know!

pennifold by pennifold 14d ago

Yes I could, but I like them plain. Love Chris

by shirley124 14d ago

I love these bags. They look very classy. 🤗

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pennifold by pennifold 14d ago

Thanks Shirley it depends on the fabric I’m sure. Love Chris

by vickiannette 14d ago

sometimes we have such great ideas! And this is one of them, good on the Newcastle Sewing ladies.

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pennifold by pennifold 14d ago

Thanks Vicki, they are a great size. Love Chris

by noah 15d ago

What is pet mess??please???lol

pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Hi Carolyn, "PetMesh is made from a heavy duty, flexible fibreglass mesh, making it much stronger than a standard flyscreen. It is the perfect choice for screen doors where pets are present. Manufactured from a woven polyester & PVC coated for UV protection this product gives up to 7 times the strength of standard flyscreen & will resist sharp claws. Restricts the entry of disease carrying and tiny irritating insects!" We've got a few nasty little critters downunder!
We use it here in Australia to prevent flies getting inside! It's very durable. There can be other uses for it too. Love Chris

babash by babash 15d ago

Carolyn. Maybe you have seen it as shade cloth used to protect plants in a green house from the sun or hail.?

noah by noah 14d ago

Wow never heard of it*** thanks for explaining girls:):)

by dailylaundry 15d ago

Wonderful bag and I am with you - I hope all plastic grocery bags are removed!! Well done! Hugs, Laura

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pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Thanks Laura, yes, all countries should remove them. They are causing too much pollution! Love Chris

by dragonflyer 15d ago

Great bag...for a minute I thought these were all your bags!

pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Ha ha, thanks Kim, yes, that would be great! I'm only going to make 4 or 5. They hold an enormous amount as they are about 14 inches high by about 19 inches wide. Love Chris

meganne by meganne 14d ago

Ladies' luncheon gifts 2019????? :-)

graceandham by graceandham 14d ago

Kim, I thought the same thing - that she got "on a roll" on this design. So, attractive and nice to see different folks' interpretation and fabric preference.

pennifold by pennifold 10d ago

That would be a good idea Meg! he he he! Love Chris

by hoplessnz 15d ago

Hi Chris we are phasing out plastic in New Zealand as well as . I love your bag and would like to make myself some . Would you please send me some instructions as i am a bit dense sometimes I like what you did to the base of the bag . . Also we have a Bunnings here guess where I am going this weekend .


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pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Hi Hilda, I'm just popping out for a while, but will contact you later. Love Chris

by babash 15d ago

Great idea. Did you have any trouble sewing the mesh? It looks a bit like shade cloth weave. I embroidered on fly screen once no problem but this looks thicker.
Your choice of fabric makes the bag look so classy.

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pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Hi Barbara, I had no trouble at all. It IS the same as shade cloth!! The 'fabric' is on large rolls in the garden aisle at Bunnings. You can get it in green and cream, but as I'm a lover of black I chose it. I used a number 14 needle and had no problems whatsover.
You should have seen all the bags the others made at my sewing guild. Actually, I'll add a picture of them, they all looked different. Love Chris

by toogie 15d ago

Great looking bag!

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pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Thanks great compliment from you my friend. I LOVE all your bags and purses! Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 15d ago

I have the feeling that you will have a hard time hanging on to them. They are different, very good looking and practical.

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pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Thanks Angie, yes, people comment when I'm out shopping if I've got something different. When I had the one Dana snaffled everyone at Coles commented on it! Love Chris

by lilylady 15d ago

Great looking bag. We only have one store right now that doesn't have bags. Love your material.

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pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Thanks Sandy, I hope they all remove them! Love Chris

We have had wildlife in our oceans with plastic bags inside them!!!!!

by sewdeb 15d ago

What a great idea using the mesh. And it's easier to keep clean than the canvas totes I use.

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pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Hi Deb,yes, it's great and easy to wash. Love Chris

by marianb 15d ago

Great bag Chris where did you get the mesh from..

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pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Bunnings!!! I bought 2 metres - about $10 per metre. Love Chris