by mranderson 03 Oct 2018

Thank you to all the beautiful people for your birthday wishes on the 28th Sept. Sarah you must know my two favourite things are teddy bears and roses. I have just given up the job of treasurer of our local car club after 6 years so hopefully there will be more time for my machine embroidery (if I can remember where the machine is (joke)). Love to all, Marg


by cfidl 04 Oct 2018

Nice to see you. Happy belated Birthday. See you around with all your new free time!

by pennifold 04 Oct 2018

Glad to see you are semi-retired from the car club but I'm sure you will still be around he he he!
Once you get back to sewing it will be like riding a bike, as long as you can locate it! Love Chris

by airyfairy 04 Oct 2018

Thank you Marge for your post. Hope to see you around much more now, when you find your machine. LOL

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Oct 2018

Enjoy saying "Hello" to your machine. I know you two will get along just fine.