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by mops Moderator ( edited 03 Oct 2018 ) 02 Oct 2018

Knitted another jumper as well. These old eyes don't particularly like dark colours, but there's a lot of blue left...

I like to knit two sleeves at the same time and I like to knit in the round. Which meant I had to choose between knitting them flat - but I like to avoid seams - and knitting them one at a time on double pointed needles. This time I tried out the magic loop (read about it on the internet) and it worked well. Who said your can't teach an old dog new tricks?


by lilylady 04 Oct 2018

Your work is beautiful!

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mops by mops 04 Oct 2018

Thank you.

by spendlove Moderator 04 Oct 2018

Another lovely job done. I too like working in the round, but I never got the hang of double pointed needle sets. I've just discovered the 25cm circular needles and have kitted a couple of pairs of socks using them. May try sleeves with them at some stage.

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mops by mops 04 Oct 2018

I've knitted numerous socks on DP needles - the first at school aged 9. Avoiding 'ladders' did not come easy. What I love about the circular needles is you don't accidentally drop one, especially handy when travelling in a coach or the car. :)

by pennifold 03 Oct 2018

Stunning work Martine, I just am in awe of your skills. I've never used knitting needles in the round so to speak. I prefer crochet, but haven't done any for a long time. Love the colour of this jumper. Love Chris

by basketkase 03 Oct 2018

Love it Martine......I, too like doing both sleeves at once to make them identical and have used the magic seems confusing until you do it, then you get a rhythm.......

mops by mops 03 Oct 2018

It is indeed fairly easy and if I skip an increase I skip it in both so it does not matter :)

basketkase by basketkase 04 Oct 2018 are so right!!

by dailylaundry 03 Oct 2018

Love this!! I wish I had the skill!!! Your talent is amazing!! Hugs, Laura

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mops by mops 03 Oct 2018

Thank you so much.

by graceandham 03 Oct 2018

Lovely result. You are soldiering on in that yarn stash!

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mops by mops 03 Oct 2018

Thank you. It does not look like it when you see what's left, but when I look at what I made it is quite a lot!

by jenne 03 Oct 2018

I know what you mean about dark colors, perhaps black is the worst. you knitting is so nice. I can do the knit and pearl stitch but not good enough to make anything, I would rather sew or quilt my skills are much better in those areas.

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mops by mops 03 Oct 2018

Thank you for your kind words!

by sewdeb 03 Oct 2018

Oh, this is so lovely! Everything you knit or crochet is simply wonderful! Sure wish I had your skill.

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mops by mops 03 Oct 2018

Thank you.

by kustomkuddle 02 Oct 2018

Beautiful. I can relate to dark colors. It seem that whenever I am working with dark fabrics, I need to have a light shining directly on the area being worked on. Oh the joys of getting older!

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mops by mops 02 Oct 2018

In reality it is a bit darker than in the picture and one of the two strands is really thin. I hate 'half' stitches and the thinner one tended to go its own way. So good lighting was a must.