by mops Moderator 02 Oct 2018

Tried to reduce my stash again and made a two corner poncho using the virus (without granny this time) design. I used two machine knitting yarns together and mix the colours a bit.

I wonder how long this one will be mine, The three I made earlier found an owner very fast. :)


by lilylady 04 Oct 2018

Very nice!

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mops by mops 04 Oct 2018


by spendlove Moderator 04 Oct 2018

Great work - I love this pattern and I'm tempted to use it again, but the Fiber Spider has so many more videos!

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mops by mops 04 Oct 2018

The first shawl I did was the South Bay pattern - I loved it but the Virus (with or without the Granny stripes) is a lot easier to remember.
I'll have a look at others to get some variation.
For mindless crochet I started another Corner to Corner cot size blanket.

by sewdeb 03 Oct 2018

This is gorgeous and if it hasn't already been claimed, I'm sure it will be very soon. Great job!

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mops by mops 04 Oct 2018

Thank you. And I'll let you know how long it takes...

by pennifold 02 Oct 2018

What a fantastic pattern Martine. I love all the purples, pinks and soft pastel colours in this Poncho. I'd love it myself! I bet it won't last long in your hands! Love Chris

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mops by mops 04 Oct 2018

Thank you. I've got a lot of purple left.

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Oct 2018

I love your color choices. Funny I am currently using two threads together of machine knitting yarn to crochet the "Virus meets Granny". Just one color though. The last "Virus" one found it's way out of my home.

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mops by mops 04 Oct 2018

They have a tendency to find their way out, don't they.

by stork 02 Oct 2018

Wonderful design and colors!!! Whoever ends up with it will love it!

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stork by stork 02 Oct 2018

I just love the fact that it is actually crochet!!!! That I can do....knitting, not so much.

by kustomkuddle 02 Oct 2018

Love the pattern and the colors! I haven't crocheted in a very long time. Maybe it's time to get the hooks out again!

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mops by mops 02 Oct 2018

I picked up my hooks two years ago,after what must have been 30 odd years of neglect. Well, it's like swimming and cycling - it comes back instantly albeit at lower speed to begin with.

by airyfairy 02 Oct 2018

Wish it were mine. Beautifully knitted and love the colours

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mops by mops 02 Oct 2018

Thank you. If you were closer (geografically) I'd love to give it to you.
By the way, it's crochet, not knitted.