by maleah 23 Sep 2018

I want to thank all Cuties that sent prayers for my hubby. We found out that he had sepsis from a UTI, Vtach,low blood pressure. They had to transfer him to Nashville. Dr's said if he would have waited to get to the hospital, he would have been dead in 3 hours. Again, thank you for your prayers...


by toogie 25 Sep 2018

Thank goodness he is being helped.
We didn't know what was wrong with my dh's 90 year old brother. Found out the culprit was UTI, of all things.

by cfidl 25 Sep 2018

That was close. Bless your heart I bet that was quite the ordeal. God Bless.

by kustomkuddle 25 Sep 2018

So glad he got treatment in time. I had sepsis a couple of months ago and I think it is on the top of my list of most scary and difficult things to go through. Praying for continued healing and comfort for both of you.

by jrob Moderator 24 Sep 2018

Scary! I'm glad that you got him there in time.

by pennifold 24 Sep 2018

Dear Cori, so glad they finally worked out what was causing the problem. Praying for his complete recovery. Love Chris

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maleah by maleah 24 Sep 2018

THank you

by gerryvb 24 Sep 2018

prayers will continue....

by meganne 24 Sep 2018

I'm so glad he has been diagnosed and hopefully, is getting the treatment he needs to make a full recovery.
sending hugs and love to give you strength along with my prayers.

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maleah by maleah 24 Sep 2018

Thank you Meganne

by katydid 23 Sep 2018

Hope all goes well!

by graceandham 23 Sep 2018

I hope he continues to improve and you can get back to your "normal" life.

by dragonflyer 23 Sep 2018

Hoping he has a full and speedy recovery...glad you got a diagnosis in time to help him...