by suzettebritz 20 Sep 2018

ITH softies: It’s about time I start my machine! 1st grandchild expected Nov. Going to make Mops’ bunny.

Which bought designs do you favour for ITH softies??I am sooo out of touch! Even struggled to open and work my machine’s software! Greetings to you all! Suzette


by cfidl 27 Sep 2018

How wonderful for you! There are all kinds of stuffies available. I googled stuffies just the other day. I am sure his/hers crib will be adorned with stuffies made by Grandma or whatever nickname have you chosen for yourself. Best wishes to the happy family!

by airyfairy 27 Sep 2018

Congratulations, you will soon get the hang of it again and be sewing up a storm

by lucy12345 26 Sep 2018

Good luck with search

by babash 26 Sep 2018

Kreative Kiwi has a free one this week.

by kustomkuddle 26 Sep 2018

Oh what fun sewing for a grandbaby! Congratulations.

by parkermom 25 Sep 2018

Congratulations on your promotion to grandmother! It's a love llike no other..

by pennifold 20 Sep 2018

Congratulations on your new grandchild expected soon. I'm with the others on here and check out some of the more well known sites for ITH projects. I'm loathe to put up company names due to their copyright, terms and conditions issues etc. Love Chris

by graceandham 20 Sep 2018

Congratulations on the baby. Have fun.

by sebsews 20 Sep 2018

I often struggle to get busy on projects. Take one day at a time. Congrats on the coming of the first grandchild.

by lilylady 20 Sep 2018

Nonnie Noo has some real cute new softies.