by noah 18 Sep 2018

Well my geese are getting ready to head South Girls**there across the road in an empty lot(campers all went home)It is going down to 32f tonight so they better fly hard**Please take care of them for me till next spring Noah(Carolyn)


by airyfairy 20 Sep 2018

The6 really are amazing the distances they fly. Go well geese.

by katydid 19 Sep 2018

I do love when they come through GA. We have some local ones about 4 miles down the road and they cause a major traffic stall when they cross the highway as not one wants to run over them.

by pennifold 19 Sep 2018

Hope they all make it to their next place. Gorgeous geese, love Chris

by cfidl 19 Sep 2018

We have a lot of these geese in Denver during the winter. It does get cold here, however we have had mild winters also. I too hope they all will be fine.

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noah by noah 19 Sep 2018

There flying over here everyday by the dozens:):)Hugs 4uChristie

by toogie 19 Sep 2018

Love your geese! I can't imagine it getting cold already as our heat index was 102 degrees today...I was painting cabinet drawers outside and sweat running down my face. Needless to say, I finished as soon as possible!

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noah by noah 19 Sep 2018

Oh dear i wish it would stay warmer but*****

by graceandham 19 Sep 2018

I'm ready. Do they scurry around differently or how do you know?

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noah by noah 19 Sep 2018

They only stop here to feed and a few stay in the area as we feed them there rather messy crap all over everything lol

by dragonflyer 19 Sep 2018

....and a season ends as another safe little ones!

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noah by noah 19 Sep 2018

Yes for sure u know each one right now weighs about 25 to 35 pounds there big hugs