by Janus48 20 Aug 2018

Just wanted stitchers to be aware that a very well known site has removed the product image JPG from the one-click download options. I used this capability to see if I like the size and shape BEFORE I buy. (Perhaps deciding to buy a different size) Most sites allow this so far. The actual picture is also no longer included in your download. You can still go to their site and see the actual picture for color purposes through a PDF or you can print it but that does not allow me to work with an idea before buying and it wastes my ink if I don't. They said people were using their images improperly.


by bielie 21 Aug 2018

You can also use the print screen tab on your keyboard and copy to paint and then crop and save the picture. Hope it helps.

by sewist1 21 Aug 2018

There is a snipping tool in windows . You outline the part you want to download and save it.

shirley124 by shirley124 21 Aug 2018

Thanks. This the 1st time I have used the snipping tool. Great.

sewist1 by sewist1 22 Aug 2018

It is a handy little tool.

Janus48 by Janus48 22 Aug 2018

Hmm....first time I've used the snipping tool also. Very handy. It was a little easier to cut and paste...but this alleviates a lot of the problem.....thank you so much!!

by katydid 20 Aug 2018


by dragonflyer 20 Aug 2018 what is the site you are referring to? Confused....

by shirley124 20 Aug 2018

I also like to download a jpeg file to keep in with the other files. I miss this option. Hugs