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by cfidl ( edited 17 Aug 2018 ) 16 Aug 2018

Update: you can find the emails on the GreenBee yahoo group.I just got an email from sewcraftyme at greenbee designs. There was a fire and a family is homeless. They set up a gofundme account which is quite small at this point. If you are interested please find out more and help this family. Thanks... if this is not allowed, please delete with my sincerest apologies.


by jrob Moderator 17 Aug 2018

I have looked in the local news, FB, and their blog and can't find anything about this. I hope it isn't a hoax. Please use care when donating that you absolutely trust what/who you are giving to.

cfidl by cfidl 17 Aug 2018

I did not want to put a direct link, and I will look into it further.

laurasomi by laurasomi 17 Aug 2018

It is Ila's son and family who had the fire and Ila set up the link.