by mops Moderator 9d ago

After watching some very creative and artsy raw edge applique videos I decided to make a card following the same principles. I learned a thing or two and did not like the idea of cutting it to size. I think I might turn it into a mug rug, it has just the right measurements for it.

And now I'll have to fulfil a couple of promises.


by toogie 7d ago

The flower is beautiful! Of course, the whole card is, but the flower is so-o nice. Keep up your great work.

by stork 7d ago

That is very nice. Love your color play in the card

by pennyhal2 7d ago

This is very detailed work! Everything is so small that it displays how really talented you are getting all those small stitches in the right place! It would be nice as a postcard too.

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mops by mops 7d ago

Thank you. For a card I would like it half the size and I did not want to cut off that much.
Long before machine embroidery I did a lot of free hand enbroidery with my mum's straight stitch only Elna ( the first electric after the treadle) and later on my own machine that could do zigzag and buttonholes as well. Was quite good at it but lost most of that skill - use it or lose it - a pity really, as it can come in very handy. Maybe with a bit of practice....

by cfidl 8d ago

I love this. I saw a program may use techniques like this.

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mops by mops 8d ago

I like to do things like that now and again between techniques that have become " usual ones". Triggers new ideas.

by dragonflyer 8d ago

Very creative...

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mops by mops 8d ago

Thank you - and a lot of things I'd do differently next time :)

by jrob Moderator 8d ago

I really like this!

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mops by mops 8d ago


by crafter2243 Moderator 9d ago

I like it. It is different. It is always fun to try out something new to learn. Some we never do again and others give us joy to repeat and modify

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mops by mops 8d ago

Yes, it is fun to try out new things. Might experiment a bit more for a while.

by pennifold 9d ago

Well it has turned out beautifully. Well done, love Chris

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mops by mops 8d ago

Thank you.