by meganne 04 Aug 2018

Thank you all my dear Cute family. I’m still in Wyong Hospital, 11 days now and I’m a lovely shade of yellow, though not contagious.

I’ve been poked n probed, CT scanned Ultrasounded, MRI’d and blood tested to the point of having only one usable vein left in my good arm, so they inserted a PICC line that they can access directly without more needles.

Finally the MRI showed I have Cirrhosis of the Liver!!! I don’t even drink!

There is a list of normal causes, starting with alcohol abuse and Hepatitis C but, so far, all the tests, to find the cause, have drawn a blank!
They have started looking into obscure causes now and until they find what has caused it, they can’t start me on any treatments.

So here I sit, churning everything over and over in my mind and still feeling ill, as I have done for many, many months now.
I’m angry and I want answers but mostly I would like to feel well again.
Hugs n roses to all Meganne


by meganne 09 Aug 2018

Well I had the liver biopsy and they treated me syrup to help the Liver function, ( 2 days in a row) which sent me into a whole new world of pain. Wave after wave, spasm after spasm, for about 6 hours.
I refused the third dose as, in my mind, it was more than a coincidence.

Sure enough, when I investigated the ingredients I found it was Lactose and Fructose based!!!!
What don't they understand about being allergic to milk, and milk products, sugar and all sugar derivatives including natural sugar???

Anyway, I managed to fall asleep, through total exhaustion, and woke up several hours later with controllable pain.

Now it's a waiting game, waiting for answers, so they sent me home to wait in the comfort, love and security of home. The only thing they have found, so far is that some time in the last six months I have contracted Glandular Fever, which, though I may not have had any symptoms, I have definitely been suffering the after effects of exhaustion, lethargy, lack of desire even inability, to drag myself out of bed to do the simplest of life's tasks.
I'm on a high Protein, low salt diet, 6 small meals a day, starting as soon as I open my eyes and ending the last thing before bed at night. I'm so full I have to force the protein down, and I'm so yellow my Iphone won't recognise me. Gotta have a laugh at that... :-)

Hugs and roses to all, love , M

memasanders by memasanders 09 Aug 2018

Dear Meg I don't know if you even remember me now. But please know I will be praying for you. it has been probably two years siince I have been able to get on here and see how you all are. When I read your post my heart truly goes out to you. I hope you will feel the healing powers of our Lord. My best wishes and prayers Love and hugs Ronny (memasanders)

meganne by meganne 09 Aug 2018

Oh Ronny, God bless you and thank you. I was only thinking of you the other day, wondering where you had got to. I hope whatever issue kept you away, it has now been resolved and we will see you here more often.
Life can be so cruel as we get older, I hope it will turn around and be kinder and more gentle with us all.
Love you dear friend, huge hugs xxxxx Meg

by kustomkuddle 08 Aug 2018

Adding my prayers to everyone else's.

by pennifold 08 Aug 2018

UPDATE: Meg has come home from hospital today. I'm going to now go and see her at her home on Friday instead of the hospital.

I rang Ray today and they are still awaiting results from her Biopsy yesterday. I hate having to wait for answers, so I can imagine how frustrating Meg must be feeling! Love Chris

cfidl by cfidl 08 Aug 2018

Please give her a big hug from me.

memasanders by memasanders 09 Aug 2018

Chris I hope all is well with you and your family prayers go out to you also for being the great friend you are to everyone there. Please know the beautiful quilt you sent me gives me comfort every day. It is one of my most prized possessions. II feel like it sends comfort from all the beautiful woman who made it. God bless and please give Meg a hug from me.

by arisann 07 Aug 2018

i am sorry to hear of how ill you are and have been. I just read this and praying for you. May the Lord send answers, healing and love. We all love you also will continue to keep praying. God bless you!

by toogie 07 Aug 2018

Just getting back to Cute. So sorry to hear you are so ill, Meg. I pray they do find your problem soon and have a remedy for you. It is scary for you both, I know. Keep us updated but only when you feel up to it. In the meantime, know we all care about you and are praying for answers.....

by lbrow 07 Aug 2018

Thinking and praying for you constantly my dear friend.

by cfidl 06 Aug 2018

You are in my thoughts and in my heart. Get well soon!

by jrob Moderator 06 Aug 2018

Praying for good results from your biopsy so that you can heal with the correct meds.

by pennifold 06 Aug 2018

Hi Cuties, please keep Meg in your prayers. I spoke with her tonight on my way home from Amy's and she told me she is having a Biopsy tomorrow (Tuesday).
I'm going down to see her finally on Friday. I've just been so busy with family commitments. I can't wait to see her and she knows how many of you are praying for her healing. Love Chris

by sewtired 05 Aug 2018

I don't know what to say other than I am so sorry for the condition and situation you find yourself in. I must say you are remarkably polite all things considered. Feel free to gripe and complain a bit more and we will all pray that soon you will no longer have anything to complain about. Bless you Meganne and get well soon!

by meganne 05 Aug 2018

Thank you all so much for your caring words and prayers.
I apologise I’m too exhausted to reply individually even sitting up is a massive strain on me just now.

They took more bloods for testing last night and they will take another lot tomorrow ( Tuesday), if nothing shows up they will do a liver biopsy.
There are hundreds of possible causes besides the commonly known ones, so they investigating the obscure causes.

Thank you all so much, knowing my Cute family is praying for me brings me more comfort and strength than I can ever express.

by dilceia 05 Aug 2018

Always in my thoughts and prayers! Kisses dear.

by barba 05 Aug 2018

So sorry that you are still feeling ill. Prayers you start feeling better very soon and your health returns. Hugs and blessings, Barba

by stork 05 Aug 2018

So sorry Meg that you are going thru all of this. Prayers that they figure this out sooner, not later. Prayers.

by laurasomi 05 Aug 2018

Dear Meg, i'm so sorry they cant figure out the cause of your Liver failing, hopefully they come up with a treatment plan soon so you get to feel like your young self again. my thoughts are with you, sending you a big hug across the ocean,

by theduchess 05 Aug 2018

Meg, I am keeping you in my daily prayers, Hoping for a speedy recovery. Love and hugs, Stella

by sewmom 05 Aug 2018

So sorry you have to go through this. I hope they find the answer soon!

by airyfairy 05 Aug 2018

I am pleased for you as to know what it is. Just hope they get you feeling your old self soon. Love and hugs Sarah

by jerrib 05 Aug 2018

Always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they figure this out so they can start you on a treatment plan.
Healing Hugs

by gdsteliga 05 Aug 2018

I will be praying they can find a treatment soon.
God's blessings on all who are working to find the answers.

by sdrise 05 Aug 2018

Prayers are coming your way . Hope they come up with answers soon and a treatment. Some meds can cause this too. I am sure the doctors are looking in all directions. Meanwhile you have a ton of people for you. Keep in touch we care! Suzanne

by dragonflyer 05 Aug 2018

Oh, Meg...I hope they can find the cause and get you on a recovery treatment soon...You are in my thoughts and prayers...glad you felt well enough to drop a note to us letting us know how you are doing...stay strong!

by pennifold 05 Aug 2018

Hi Meg, I am so hoping and praying that you get better really soon. I know you are in the right place to get some rest and hopefully some answers, although I can't, for the life of me, understand why it is taking so long to work it all out. It's great to hear that the nursing staff are looking after you so well. Keep your spirits up and know that there are many people praying for your healing. Love, hugs and prayers Chris

by mrskiki 05 Aug 2018

Keeping you in my prayers. Half the battle is over at least having a diagnosis. But I know how helpless you feel with no treatment plan as yet. Keep us updated. Hugs. Nan

by zoefzoef 05 Aug 2018

Meg, I hope and pray they find soon why you are ill.
Take care , hugs send. linda

by gerryvb 05 Aug 2018

I do hoop you will get the answers and feel better soon. Thinking of you, prayers and hugs are coming your way.....Gerry

by graceandham 05 Aug 2018

Continuing in prayers for correct diagnosis and treatment.

by basketkase 05 Aug 2018

Oh dear Meg....been thinking about you....was hoping to hear you were home and getting kitty love and rest.....will keep praying for you and hoping the docs come up with an answer soon....much love to you!

by katydid 05 Aug 2018

We love you!

by babash 04 Aug 2018

Hope you are feeling better soon. I was also diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver non Alcohol related and the tests showed that I was also Diabetic which had never been picked up before. I am lucky as no side effects with either apart from they now know why my belly doubled in size.
I am guessing they have checked your blood sugar?
Thinking of you try to stay positive and enjoy being waited on.

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Aug 2018

Continuing with prayers for you. Hopefully they find out soon what caused it so they can get you on the right road to recovery.

by gerryb 04 Aug 2018

Meganne, I am so sorry you are going thru this! My first thought was also...chemo results? Praying they find the cause so they can start the cure! hang in there!

by dailylaundry 04 Aug 2018

Meg, you haven't had the antibiotic Augmentin lately have you? Last year after being treated for a terrible sinus infection - my liver began to fail. A gastro doctor finally realized I had taken Augmentin before becoming ill. Turns out, I had a horrible reaction to the antibiotic. He put me on medication to get my bile duct working again and told me it would take a full year to recover - he was right. Could you be having a reaction to medication you have taken in the past? Oh please get better soon!! I know you must be feeling so sick. Please let us know how you are doing!!! I will say prayers for you every day! Hugs, Laura

by lbrow 04 Aug 2018

Oh my dear Meg This was not good news. Know how you must look all golden. Definitely not tanned. I do not like that diagnosis and yes I have had patients with that diagnosis that have never drank a drop in their life. You have liver damage but they do not know why. Personally I wonder if it could have come from the chemo. Know you are loved and in my prayers DAILY. Wish I could be there to help you out. Hugging you in my heart this very moment.((((()))))))

by shirley124 04 Aug 2018

Lets hope they can find answers and get you onto some treatment soon. Hugs

by maleah 04 Aug 2018

Hi Meganne , my prayers are sent to you. You are a tough cookie and with the good Lords hearing our prayers, you will be healed......