by sdrise 11 Jul 2018

Hi everyone.

I am just checking in to say a HUGE thank you to all you wonderful cuties who wished me a happy Birthday yesterday.
I am half way through radiation. So far I am tolerating it OK though very tired. Radiation will be finished in August for me .
I still go for triple doses of Herceptin every three weeks until March. I will be glad when this is all over with. I have peach fuzz growing where my hair used to be now.
This has been a long ordeal but I am getting through it one day at a time. Thanks you for all the support too.


by sebsews 13 Jul 2018

Thanks for the update. I hope you rest when needed and remember we Cuties are with you! Hugs Suzanna

by jrob Moderator 13 Jul 2018

Love you and I'm glad to hear an update. Rest when you need to darling, you are in the fight of your life, but remember you are not alone. There's an army of us praying you through this.

by dailylaundry 12 Jul 2018

Great that you had a good birthday! You are right to take each day, one at a time and get lots of rest. You are a strong amazing woman and know that we all stand with you and send our thoughts and prayers to you!! Stay positive, loads of love, Laura

by basketkase 12 Jul 2018

We all know you are strong and courageous and You Got This! Our support and love is here for you....

by dragonflyer 12 Jul 2018

Hang in there BABY! August is just a blink away...

by sewmom 12 Jul 2018

Sorry I missed your birthday post. Happy belated birthday and hope you have a full recovery!

by momac 12 Jul 2018

My thoughts and prayers are with you Suzanne, as one of the Cuties down below says, hang in there and keep you chin up. Hugs Maureen

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Jul 2018

I am glad you are tolerating radiation and that peach fuzz will turn into gorgeous hair. Rest and stick to the one day at a time thought. Some day it will all be over.

by pennifold 11 Jul 2018

So glad to hear that you enjoyed the birthday wishes Suzanne. I do hope that you are getting plenty of rest and it's good to know that you are halfway through it. I also hope that your peach fuzz grows much more till you have a healthy head of hair once again. Prayers for you as you continue through your treatment. Love Chris

by Gma 11 Jul 2018

God be with you and give you His grace. Our prayers and all good wishes are with you. We live in Texas but prayers know no limits.

by gerryvb 11 Jul 2018

thank you for the update, I hope your birthday was lovely. Hang in there, you are halfway there. Hugs are coming your way ))))

by airyfairy 11 Jul 2018

Just hang in there Suzanne. You are doing great

by toogie 11 Jul 2018

Our brother-in-law says the same thing, no energy. You are right to take one day at a time. Hope you are feeling better soon and life gets better each day-Toogie

by graceandham 11 Jul 2018

Thanks for the good report. I continue to pray for your health. The most beautiful bride I ever saw had peach fuzz.