by pennifold 30 Jun 2018

Hi Cuties, I’ve missed you all. We have had a wonderful holiday here in Canada and Alaska. We are now at the LA international airport waiting on our flight which was due to leave at midnight, but due to the volcanic eruption in we aren’t leaving till 1.25am!!!! Isn’t travelling fun? We are both tired, but I’m willing myself to keep awake so I can sleep on the plane.

We both love Canada and we’re particularly taken with the capital cut of Victoria on Vancouver island. We’ve been travelling since 9.39 this morning via bus, ferry, bus and now plane. Looking forward to coming home. Love Chris
1. Harbour of Victoria
2. Me in the rose bushes st Parliament House
3. Beautiful peacock at Beacon hill


by cfidl 02 Jul 2018

Thanks so much for posting. It has been fun following your posts. You are probably home by now, so enjoy your rest. I have heard folks say they need a vacation from the vacation. Lol!

by gerryvb 30 Jun 2018

have a safe trip home, thank you for the lovely pictures !!

by airyfairy 30 Jun 2018

Delays seem to be happening all the time. Three weeks ago when we were traveling back home from UK we were held over in Dubai for 24 hours. Welcome home.

by graceandham 30 Jun 2018

Vacations are wonderful, but homecoming is so sweet. Don't know about you, but I have a limit of about 10 days.

by dragonflyer 30 Jun 2018

More stunning pictures...including the one of you with the travels home!

by sebsews 30 Jun 2018

I am glad your vacation was wonderful! Your pictures are beautiful. Suzanna

by toogie 30 Jun 2018

Adventures are great but 'There's no place like home'. I know you miss the family, especially those grandchildren! Get as much rest as you can, so you can hit the ground running-lol

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by marianb edited 30 Jun 2018

Be prepared Chris your heading into some cold and wet weather here. Glad you and Trever have had a great holiday.

by vkggal 30 Jun 2018

A rose among roses! Beautiful pic of a beautiful lady. Glad you all had a wonderful vacation!, but, there is no place like home!
Millie in Fl.