by stock 25d ago

how do I use cotton fabric raw edged, in appliques, paper dolls, in the hoop just with triple stitch around, I need something so the thread will not pull out, hope this makes sense...wendy


by pennyhal2 6d ago

Before cutting, I always do a straight stitch line where I want the fraying to stop.

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good idea thanks

by stock 23d ago

I tried the dress with just tpl stitch, after, taking it on an off the doll a few times it started to look ragged, so will have to zz it...thanks for all your replies...wendy

by graceandham 23d ago

Does anyone really love ragged edge applique? I made one, let it fray and never wanted that look again.

by marianb 23d ago

Wendy when you use fray stop iron it dry this stops it going hard but still stops the frays.

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by mops Moderator 24d ago

I use the heat and bond or vilene and fuse it to the background by ironing after stitching.

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stock by stock 24d ago

thats a good idea, will try...wendy

by jrob Moderator 24d ago

Wendy, I have tried raw edged and I know that it's very popular, but it just doesn't suit me personally. The only 'fix' I can think of to offer you is to put Fray Check on the edges. That would stop the raveling, but I think that raveling may be the point of raw edged applique?

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stock by stock 24d ago

I had fray check years ago, but, it makes the edges hard, I will keep fiddling,,,wendy

by pcteddyb 24d ago

You can try using heat and bond lite on the back of the fabric to keep it from fraying. For paper dolls you could also try an iron on vinyl on the fronts (would also make them more durable). I bought a couple of "raggy" edge applique designs and tried one and hated it. I don't purchase them anymore.

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stock by stock 24d ago

I have got the one that bonds 2 fabrics together, my try that, I wanted to make some dolls clothes at 3cm, long might still have to put a zz...wendy

by toogie 24d ago

I don't know. I feel more secure when there are at least zigzag stitches around. I think it would eventually ravel through the triple stitch when washed very much. Just my opinion Wendy.