by mariahail 19d ago

As some of you may know I am terminally ill but still want to learn to know....the bucket list, lol///so I will like to know what formats will I need to get when I get my embird studio and digitizing tool, can anyone here help me? thanks******


by mops Moderator 18d ago

Only thing you'll need is artwork in .jpg format. You can have a look at the video tutorials on the Embird site to learn how to use Studio.

by kustomkuddle 18d ago

I don't digitize but go for what makes you happy. Good luck on your endeavor. Prayers and hugs.

by pennifold 18d ago

Good luck with all you are trying to achieve Maria. Keep your faith and have as many experiences as life has to offer. I don't digitise, but hope you have a great experience with it. Love Chris

by gerryvb 18d ago

I cannot help you with the digitizing. But I think it's a very good idea you are working on the bucket list. Do what makes you happy and go learn the digitizing. hugs for you and keep the faith and the hope .)))

by spendlove Moderator 19d ago

Embird will compile and save your design to almost any format. You don't need to "get" any. Embird Studio is the digitising part, Editor does what it says on the tin!.

by awesome1 19d ago

For your own machine?-you will already know that. For sharing or selling designs, you will want to convert your finished design into many diff formats. Is this your question? I don't have Embird, but I would guess that you will choose the option for your machine?
Good that you are interested in pursuing a new hobby, no matter your circumstances, and no one is ''terminal'' until our Lord says so. Miracles happen every day and I pray for yours to be soon. Love and prayers your way!