by sewfrenzie 17 May 2018

I haven't been on for a while. Been really busy, we signed a purchase agreement on our property and I'm busy sorting, packing and moving so of the stuff over to the farm we bought a few years ago. Closing date is in July, and we have a business to run AND Move too.

So I thought I'd drop in to peek at what everyone else is doing.


by dragonflyer 17 May 2018

Hope all go smoothly for you, Diane...

by pennifold 17 May 2018

Good luck with your move Diane. I love moving gives you a chance to have a good clean out. We've moved quite a lot over our 46 years of marriage due to Trev's work. We are now settled permanently here in Newcastle. Hope everything goes well with your re-location. Love Chris

by katydid 17 May 2018

I have come apart with every move. The two most stress full things for me is to move and my car break down. I don't handle either one well. Good luck.

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 May 2018

Good luck with the move. Hoping it all will go smoothly.

by toogie 17 May 2018

I guess you ARE busy and will be for awhile. I don't envy you moving, I hate packing/unpacking. I'm curious to know what kind of business you have and also what country the farm is.... My oldest grand daughter graduates high school tonight so we will be going there in a few hours. It's been extremely hot here, 99 degrees. Graduation is on the football field so they moved it until late because of the heat, but now it will be to fight mosquitoes. Traded one evil for another, so to speak.....Good luck with your move-Toogie

by gerryvb 17 May 2018

good to see you here, good luck with all your work.