by dragonflyer 16 May 2018

Great Shopping Tote with Carrying Case at Sew4Home...Toogie, these might be great gifts for your trip...embroidery could be easily added to personalize in California, plastic grocery bags are banned so these would be great!


by kustomkuddle 16 May 2018

Thank you.

by toogie 16 May 2018

Thanks Kim! This one looks like the plastic bags we can still use at Walmart and grocery stores here. I can't imagine how many are at the landfills, until they finally do, disintegrate. The bottom looks nice and wide but sure does seem to take a lot of fabric, 4 FQ's for each bag, 5 if you make the case..... I have made the Stow-a-way shopping bag that a Cutie embroidered in Projects and given those before, but then it's unlined which was okay by me. It's still free at Craftsy.
Thanks again for the info

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lucy12345 by lucy12345 16 May 2018

Thank you, will be handy for shopping and gifts!!