by elizabethak 11 May 2018

Hi anyone in South Africa, do you have a contact to get a good use small embroidery hoop for the Bernina 440 or 580. I do a lot of stuff for the church and its such a waste of tear away or cutaway if i use the medium or oval hoop that come with the machine. I would love to buy the adaptors too for free arm embroidery but that is a bit pricey.

I also need to "chat" with someone who can give me advice on the V8 programme.


by rachap 11 May 2018

Another thing you can do to economize on stabilizer it to cut a longer piece than you need and start at one end,being careful to keep the excess out of the way, do your first embroidery and when finished take it out of the hoop and move the stabilizer up just enough to hoop the nex one, continue until you have used the piece up. I hope this makes sense to you. Good luck finding an extra hoop, have you tried Amazon or Etsy?

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RodnickBiljon by RodnickBiljon 12 May 2018

This really works I also do it like this and then patch the holes like Mops does. I also buy a big roll and it lasts forever

by kustomkuddle 11 May 2018

I do similar to what mops suggested. I save most of my scraps of stabilizer in order to cover the hole left from the previous embroidery. That way, I don't have to cut smaller pieces from the new roll of stabilizer.

by mops Moderator 11 May 2018

My machine is a different brand and I don't live in S.A., but I quite often use a larger hoop as it is easier when changing colours. I cut the stabiliser away along the design when finished. I then cut a bit of stabiliser an inch or so wider than the hole, place it over the hole, pin it down from the back, then pin (or use a sticky spray like 505) a new object to the front and remove the pins from the back. I always use the basting stitch my machine offers to hold every in place.

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elizabethak by elizabethak 13 May 2018

Thanks, I'll try that. I only need to emboider crosses 1 1/2 - 2 inches in centre of fabric 19 x 13 inches and it's such a drag.
Was hoping there was someone who bought one and decided she didn't need it. They pretty pricey and I think it's about R700 from Bernina Agent

by bielie 11 May 2018

You can contact any Bernina Dealer. I am sure they will be able to help
you. Hope you come right.