by raels011 06 May 2018

Would like to let you know my hubby is still hanging on although there has been some setbacks Today is our 52year aniversary


by momac 08 May 2018

Happy Anniversary, hope hubby gets better soon. Hugs Maureen

by airyfairy 08 May 2018

Many, many congratulations to you both

by barba 07 May 2018

Happy Anniversary. Congratulations - 52 years is amazing!! I pray you are blessed with peace and happiness. Praying for your hubby to improve. Hugs and blessings, Barba

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lbrow by lbrow 07 May 2018

Happy Anniversary Raelene. Believe me , I know how it is. You at least still have him.

by giddygoat 07 May 2018

Happy anniversary Raels. Hope it is a good day for you both.

by 02kar Moderator 07 May 2018

I know your anniversary is probably bittersweet this year, but I hope you and your handsome hubby were able to enjoy it. I think 52 years is a wonderful milestone for a very special couple. I hope the setbacks are minor and he feels better and the two of you can remember the many sweet memories of the life you have shared.

by laurasomi 07 May 2018

Happy Anniversary to the both of you ,

by dailylaundry 07 May 2018

Hope you dear hubby is doing much better - Raelene, congrats to you both on your 52nd Anniversary! Hugs and love, Laura

by dee 07 May 2018

Happy Anniversary.

by cfidl 07 May 2018

Happy Anniversary. If you are Catholic the Pope will send a gorgeous commemorative poster personalized for you. I saw one once, and it is elaborate.

by dragonflyer 07 May 2018

Sorry to hear your hubby has had some setbacks...congratulations on your anniversary of 52 years...

by kustomkuddle 07 May 2018

Happy Anniversary. 52 years is quite the accomplishment. Prayers for you both. Hugs.

by pennifold 07 May 2018

Dear Raelene, I want to wish you and your husband a happy anniversary and pray that you get to go out for a fabulous dinner somewhere. Weather looks great for the rest of the week. Love Chris

by sewdeb 07 May 2018

Congratulations on your 52 years. Sorry you husbands setbacks. I will keep you two in my prayers.

by sandralane 07 May 2018

Congratulations to you both on 52 years, so sorry to hear hubby has had some setbacks. Prayers for you both.

by abl789 07 May 2018

Congratulationa on your 52nd Anniversary. I'm so sorry to hear about setbacks on your husbands health. Prayers for you both.

by katydid 06 May 2018

A wonderful anniversary to you and sorry to hear of the set backs.

by toogie 06 May 2018

Congratulations on your anniversary, a milestone indeed. Sorry to hear of the setbacks....wishing you the best.

by graceandham 06 May 2018

Blessings to you both on your special day. Every year is different.