by noah 25d ago

And another set of classic cars by Vicki*****Love these and every man wants a towel lol***Thanks for LQQKING!!!Hugs Carolyn

P>S> Like my sun????I cut a whole in the towel and had to cover it lol


by arisann 20d ago

super nice!

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noah by noah 20d ago


by mechille edited 22d ago

Great job.. yes, that's a good idea... I hate it when that happens, but now thanks to you, I have an idea to take care of it.. :)
Love the cars.
Great job. :)

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noah by noah 22d ago

thanks neighbor*****

by lbrow 24d ago

Lokin Good in this neighborhood Carolyn!

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noah by noah 22d ago

thanks my friend*****

by lidiad 24d ago

Well done, Carolyn!
Hugs, Lidia

by babash 24d ago

Good save looks like it was meant to be there.

by pennyhal2 25d ago

Been there. Done that. Your save is miraculous! Great towels! These cars from my "youth" make me laugh! They were so stylish at the time.

by basketkase 25d ago

This is a great save, Carolyn.......looking good....

by dietcoke 25d ago

Ha ha - Guess it doesn't matter how long we have been doing embroidery designs, we still all have a whoopsie moment. Good cover up.