by babash 26 Apr 2018

Can anyone help me work out which site I would have got these designs from?

They all start with CDO then the number.
CDO82908TE is a tiger as an example. Also one called Cry Baby CDO42607FA.
I have others that I obviously downloaded and marked the folder can't remember site name.
I did lose all my designs a couple of years ago that were in the computer but had some on a USB that I just found and would like to work out which site they came from.
Maybe someone has these designs and can help me find the site again.
Thanks for reading.


by babash 27 Apr 2018

Thanks so much everyone mystery solved thanks to sewdeb and all the Cuties.

by snowmaiden 27 Apr 2018

I am finding that most everyone includes a txt file giving their requirements, and perhaps color stops, but don't always include their name. How easy would that be to do?

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babash by babash 27 Apr 2018

I agree some PDF files have their site name but a lot of colour charts don't especially if it is a free download. Which is silly as the whole idea of giving a free design is so you can check out their digitizing before you buy from them.

by dragonflyer 27 Apr 2018

I see that your mystery has been solved...that is the tricky part when you purchase from a mall type site...if you don't make note of the digitizer's site name and mall site name it can be tricky to know exactly who designed then...glad our Cuties came to the rescue...

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babash by babash 27 Apr 2018

Oh I am so happy now I know where it came from. I was hoping someone from here knew the designs.

by pennifold 26 Apr 2018

Looks like Deb's found them for you. Aren't Cuties the best? Love Chris

I have the Cry Baby picture, but couldn't find the Tiger. Love Chris

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babash by babash 27 Apr 2018

Thanks yes that is the site and it is closing in a couple of days.

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by sewdeb edited 26 Apr 2018

I believe the designs you're asking about are from either or Star Bird Stock Designs.

pennifold by pennifold 26 Apr 2018

Well done Deb, I've got a picture of the Cry Baby, but couldn't find the Tiger. Love Chris

sewdeb by sewdeb edited 27 Apr 2018

I have the tiger design which is a redwork designs, but couldn't find it on either site - but I had noted the site when I downloaded it.

babash by babash 27 Apr 2018

Thank you so much sewdeb starbird was the site I was looking for.

by dragonflyer 26 Apr 2018

A photo of the design might be helpful...

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babash by babash 27 Apr 2018

Never thought about a photo.