by kustomkuddle 23 Apr 2018

What a difference a week made. Sunday we were able to have Sophie's birthday cookout with burgers and hotdogs on the grill. As long as we were in the sun we were comfortable (all except the great grandparents. One still had her winter coat and gloves on.) The first pic is the birthday girl with John behind her being her "hands". The "stormtrooper" in the background is her brother Caden. The second pic just shows we hadn't gotten rid of all the snow. Today the snow is gone and it was 70F. Yea!


by lbrow 25 Apr 2018

wonderful, This old lady would have had her coat on also, but there is nothing like sunshine to brighten the day and warm you.

by cfidl 25 Apr 2018

So glad the birthday girl had her day in the sun!

by 02kar Moderator 24 Apr 2018

A very happy belated birthday Sophie! I'm glad you were able to celebrate outside. I admit, I would be with Toogie, a winter coat,gloves, scarf. And a huge smile!

by sebsews 24 Apr 2018

Happy birthday cute Sophie! Us Michiganders love spring time. Once spring arrives we forget about the winters. We must meet up sometime. Suzanna

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 24 Apr 2018

That would be awesome.

by pennifold 24 Apr 2018

Happy birthday to Sophie, looks like a great sunny day. Those trees across the back lawn what kind are they Debbie? I know you posted a picture a week ago of snow and I was just wondering! Love Chris

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 24 Apr 2018

Those are apple trees. Right now they don't look like much but in a few weeks when they bloom, they will be gorgeous.

by airyfairy 24 Apr 2018

Happy birthday Sophie. Hope you had a wonderful day in the sunshine 🌞

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 24 Apr 2018

We sat out on the deck soaking up the sun. The kids were brave enough to go in the hot tub and then were running around like it was summer!

by toogie 23 Apr 2018

That was me with the coat and gloves on!-lol and can I have some Butter Pecan inside please, with a bowl cosy, too??
Happy Birthday to Sophie! I can see by that big smile she enjoyed it, snow or not!

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kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 24 Apr 2018

It was around 67 F in the sun, but there was a breeze that was a little cooler. As long as we were in the sun it was great but as the afternoon wore on, it did get cooler. But we had a good time anyway. We were going to do it later in the afternoon. I'm glad we didn't or it would have been to chilly to be outside. You are welcome to come anytime. I'll keep butter pecan stocked in the freezer!