by rescuer Moderator 16 Apr 2018

It was 78 degrees today.

Tomorrow we expect snow.
Spring in Utah lol
...never dull here!


by kustomkuddle 17 Apr 2018

We had freezing rain and ice Saturday and Sunday and snow yesterday. We should be having temps in the 50's and the trees starting to bloom. We are going to have a very late spring. It is definitely going to throw the growing season off.

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Apr 2018

We have HUGE snowflakes this morning! I know some sections of Interstate roads were closed from the freezing rain and ice.
Be safe out there!

by jenne 17 Apr 2018

Cold and windy at my house, NC.

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Apr 2018

You all had a lot of wind recently!

by maleah 17 Apr 2018

You're lucky, it is 28 degrees and snow here in Tennessee. Where is spring?

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Apr 2018

I've seen many places still having snow... So strange!

by sewdeb 17 Apr 2018

We've yet to break 50 degrees here and it's snowing this morning. Ah, Upstate New York - 8 months of Winter and 4 months of bad sledding :-)

rescuer by rescuer 17 Apr 2018

Funny, we have 2 seasons here Winter and Construction. LOL

sewdeb by sewdeb 18 Apr 2018

Yep, we have the same seasons here, too.

by killiecrankie 17 Apr 2018

The weather here ,has forgotten about autumn & has carried on with summer.We have had ,the Hottest April day since records started 159 yrs ago 40C & many days over 30C.Noticed the other day on the weather map , it was going to be hotter here than in Cairns,which in Nth Queensland.
This morning it was 25C but now it is raining which has been happening about every 3 weeks.The rain just misses us ,rains out to sea or on the other side of the lake.
The garden doesn't know what to do ,noticed the ponytails are about to flower .Usually flower around December

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Apr 2018

My daffodils and tulips are not bothered by the snow so far, but the fruit trees might struggle this year if the cold continues. The temperature is already down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The snow has arrived and my house is still hot from the sunny day. Very crazy weather! I hope your flowers will stay longer for you this year with the early start.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Apr 2018

This time of the year I never know what to wear.. It must be even more difficult in Utah

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Apr 2018

I usually have a jacket in the car but often we will use the car heater in the morning and the A/C in the afternoon. I think it is one of the few things I like that will change often. Keeps me guessing...

by graceandham 16 Apr 2018

Sounds like when I lived in Texas. We would be having the 70's at Thanksgiving and a Blue Norther would blow in In 3 hours and drop us to the 30's. Always doubtful if I could wear my usual shorts for Thanksgiving dinner cooking. Surely this will be your last cold until Fall?

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rescuer by rescuer 16 Apr 2018

No, we do this sometimes through June. I don't mind as it melts in the valleys pretty fast. It is our water supply though. Without it, we don't have enough to irrigate crops or lawns -- so having it the mountains is needed. It is the price paid for living in a desert climate area.