by pamelahess ( edited 15 Apr 2018 ) 06 Apr 2018

*I revised the messenger bag. I didn't like the way it looked so I added my name on a flap sewn over the zipper.

Backpack, Messenger Bag, Purse and Luggage tag I made. The purse pattern is Simplicity 2911. The pattern for the Messenger bag & the backpack is Simplicity 1823. Both these patterns are out of print but can be found by doing a search. The flowered fabric by Philip Jacobs is called "Voluptuous". The blue & white polka dot fabric is by Loralie. Thank you for looking! ~Pam


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Thank you. That information is really helpful!

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by kustomkuddle 07 Apr 2018

I can see why you love the fabric. It is gorgeous. The bags are great.

by Barbaric 07 Apr 2018

Great color combination job well done.

by pennifold 06 Apr 2018

Outstanding Pam, everything is gorgeous, and I LOVE the fabric. Love Chris