by gerryb 04 Apr 2018

I'm so sorry I put this in the wrong section. Wish I had something to blame it on, but just forgot I guess! Anyway, here's the Easter dresses for my 3 youngest grands. Yes, Carrie wore shoes to church, but off they came when she got home! Didn't make the older girls' dresses, those days are past. But make them other things. Thank you for the kind reminder (and it kind, too) to move this to the proper place!!


by cfidl 06 Apr 2018

You have a lovely family! Best wishes to all!

by lbrow 06 Apr 2018

Love your pics and your beautiful family. I especially love the color of the fabric you chose for your dresses. They look great!

by Sewmum1 06 Apr 2018

They are beautiful Easter dresses and the girls look lovely

by gerryvb 05 Apr 2018

lovely pictures !!they all look great and you did a fine job with the dresses you made .

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Apr 2018

Lovely dresses

by rescuer Moderator 04 Apr 2018

I'm glad you reposted this.
They are all so very cute!
Bare feet are the best!

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 05 Apr 2018

I second that

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Apr 2018

Beautiful dresses and a beautiful family. Love all those smiles. It is refreshing to see little girls in dresses,

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gerryb by gerryb 04 Apr 2018

They have to wear dresses on Sun. morning! Mama's rules. Sun. night & Wed. night they are usually dressed like all the other kids! But I have to say many of the kids at our church do wear dresses on Sun. morning. I love it! Tks.

by pennifold 04 Apr 2018

Stunning piccies, and as I said before as soon as I walk in the house off come my shoes too. Dana and her family do the same as me.
Our organist (who only comes once a month) often has his shoes off in church too. Love Chris

gerryb by gerryb 04 Apr 2018

Chris, most organist take their shoes off! I think it's because they can feel the foot "keys" so much better. I guess wearing shoes would be like playing the piano with gloves on! Ours keeps a pair of light ballet like slippers at the organ! And tks for the comment.

asterixsew by asterixsew 05 Apr 2018

Someone locally doesn't wear shoes at all but after frostbite is now a winter wearer