by smokeythecat 26d ago

I was inspired by toogie to make this little hanger pouch for the keys to my gun safe.

I only had a red zipper and the seams were a little messy but it’ll be inside a shirt so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I just got a buttonholer for my old machine and wanted to try it out and it works great. It’s so cool :) So since it was done autimatically the buttonhole is the neatest looking part of it


by kustomkuddle 8d ago

Wonderful work. Great to see the old machines. I have my husbands grandmother's machine. I have always wanted to try it but haven't yet.

by spcekittrn 8d ago

Your machine looks so much like my mother's machine (I still have it), It's the one I learned to sew on. You have brought back a lot of great memories. Thanks.

by sewdeb 8d ago

Great job! I used to have a buttonholer like that for my Mom's old White machine that my niece has now.

by jenne 8d ago

Everything looks great, I love the old sewing tables would love to find one.

by dragonflyer 26d ago

Love your Key Safe and your Singer!

by toogie 26d ago

Oh I LOVE the old Singer! Is it a treadle or is that a motor I barely see?
Love the 'safe' you came up with for your key, too. It looks great to me! I like your 'spin off' of my coat hanger safe, Cuties helping Cuties, I love it!

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smokeythecat by smokeythecat 26d ago

Its a motor. Treadles are kinda intimidating

by mrskiki 26d ago

Great idea! All looks fine to me. Hugs. Nan

by pennifold 26d ago

What a lovely job you've done Smokey and the old Singer is gorgeous. Well done, love Chris