by michemb 23 Mar 2018

Anyone else having this problem, I cannot give flowers or comment on any posts. It has been a couple of days now. I'm surprised I was able to add this post, bizarre.

hugs and flowers to all.


by Sewmum1 26 Mar 2018

Have you managed to resolve this. My computer keeps crashing each time I try to upload a photo to cute. So I have to use my iPad or phone instead. I have still been able to comment and give flowers though. I hope you have worked it out and it isn't just a weird bug

by dilceia 24 Mar 2018

Miss you, dear Michelle !!

by sandyqueen 23 Mar 2018

You can't do anything unless you are signed in except read.


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sewist1 by sewist1 23 Mar 2018

She would have had to be signed in to post.

by rescuer Moderator 23 Mar 2018

Some things to try:
Clear your cache.
Reboot your computer.
Try a different browser (i.e. use Chrome instead of Firefox).

If you cannot comment here, have you tried a PM? I haven't heard of this here on Cute, but then of one cannot post it would be hard to tell us.

by lilylady 23 Mar 2018

No problems as of now.

by pennifold 23 Mar 2018

No Michelle, I'm not having any problems - gremlins maybe!!! Love Chris