by peafarm 17 Mar 2018

Please find and vote for Firebird 'P' letter--it was way down on the list of designs and we stopped getting them at letter 'O' when the new embossed Easter bunny began. Please let's keep the firebird up there to complete.


by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Mar 2018

This font has been around for many years and made the rounds numerous times. The A posted 30 days ago. Remember that here are numerous groups voting and not only active cutie members and they may have quit at the O. Best bet to get everything you want is a $ 29.00 membership and you would not have to ask for votes for 6 month.

by rescuer Moderator 20 Mar 2018

Back to the top -- the other duplicates have been removed to keep the forum tidy.

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by shirley124 edited 17 Mar 2018

See my advice to irenewayne above. Hugs

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sewist1 by sewist1 18 Mar 2018

Good advice. Peafarm was given the same advice when she was asking people to vote for the Embossed Swan.

by rescuer Moderator 17 Mar 2018

I'm sure you will need to wait for your request until everyone finishes the new font. Everyone wants the newest fonts. I am sure Cuties will vote for you but if you put your request in the Freebie section AFTER the end of the new font -- you might have a chance of finishing it before the next new one is offered.