by pennyhal2 15 Mar 2018

I see that PNW has a new website. There are some glitches, but she is working on getting it going correctly. I got a message from Norton that said it was "unsafe" only because it asked for personal name address and only because it was too new for them to assess it properly. I just ignored Norton.


by Janus48 15 Mar 2018

Yes, I also got that message. And I have placed an order and can't even access the site at this time...but thank you for posting this info. Now I know there are some glitches and I will wait till those are fixed.

by sewdeb 15 Mar 2018

Thanks for the heads up. I checked out at that site before seeing your post. I had no warning. I use McAfee - since it is up to date, I assume the site is safe and just too new for Norton.