by elemausi 08 Mar 2018

My first post was removed because it contains my name now I post again without. The small purses are done in two hoopings with the 5x7 hoop, but have place for banknotes and coins.They are great scrapbusters too.They measures only 7x10cm, thats about 3x4inches.


by cfidl 09 Mar 2018

very cute purses.

by lbrow 09 Mar 2018

Very nice. Lillian

by toogie 09 Mar 2018

This is for babash or anyone else curious about the clasp. I get mine at Hobby Lobby in the USA and they are called Press Locks. I used it on this bag. Mine are slightly different than elemausi's and can be installed by hand like the magnetic snap closures, no hammer. For my next bag like this one, whenever that will be I have no idea, but I want to try this closure in the last photo. It is called Latch Lock and has a nicer, shinier finish than the top one. It also was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

lbrow by lbrow 09 Mar 2018


babash by babash 10 Mar 2018

Thanks Toogie. Prices look good hope shipping isn't a lot. Now I know what to ask for I can check locally first.

by gerryvb 09 Mar 2018

wow great job !!

by shirley124 08 Mar 2018

I love these. Well done. Hugs

by vickiannette 08 Mar 2018

beautiful. You will have us all inspired to make this

by Bounty 08 Mar 2018

Ja, du hast dir das Design gekauft, ich bin noch am überlegen. So schön kommen die raus!. Aber was macht man dann mit so vielen Geldbeuteln??? Ich verkaufe die ja nicht. Gehst du auf Märkte? Oder hast du so einen großen Freundeskreis?

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elemausi by elemausi 09 Mar 2018

Ich lebe in einer Patchworkfamilie, da gibt es viele Möglichkeiten. Am liebsten nehme ich so etwas für Geldgeschenke, das ist dann etwas persönlicher. Einebleibt bei mir für ausländische Währung im Urlaub. Verkaufen tue ich nicht.

by lucy12345 08 Mar 2018

Well done

by babash 08 Mar 2018

Wow lovely purses. I especially like the clasp. Did you buy them online?
Also what would you call them? so I can do a search to see who sells them.

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elemausi by elemausi 08 Mar 2018

I only know the german name "Mappenschloss"

by pennifold 08 Mar 2018

I love these Barbel, they look fabulous. I love little coin purses. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 08 Mar 2018

Nicely done!

by liliana1 08 Mar 2018

WOW!! Love these they look fabulous

by basketkase 08 Mar 2018

Love them......looks great and is functional too!

by pennyhal2 08 Mar 2018

Wow! Those are really fabulous! I love that closure too. So often these types of purses do not have coin pocket, but having one is so covenient. Nice work!

by stork 08 Mar 2018

I love the clasp idea!!! Very nice.

by glob69 08 Mar 2018

Is this your own design? They are lovely. I love the clasps. Hugs, Gail

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elemausi by elemausi 08 Mar 2018

No, the design comes from a german site. The claps are not perfect, I used a hammer and now you can see a dent on it.

by sonjapotgieter 08 Mar 2018

Awesome design!!!Great work done..Gorgeous!!!

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elemausi by elemausi 08 Mar 2018

Thank you

by toogie 08 Mar 2018

Very nice job and just the size for my last purse. I tried sewing a small one with slots for credit/debit cards but I was not happy with the result. It was too thick..... Think I'll just keep the leather one I have. If you don't mind me asking, is this a sweet pea design? I didn't think it would be possible in a 5x7 hoop so this is good.

elemausi by elemausi 08 Mar 2018

No, it comes from a german site.

elemausi by elemausi 08 Mar 2018

There are two places for banknotes but no special place for cards.

glob69 by glob69 08 Mar 2018

I think stickelli has this design

by maggiecal 08 Mar 2018

Very nice!!

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elemausi by elemausi 08 Mar 2018

Thank you