by marianb 08 Mar 2018

Hi Everyone, yesterday I had the opportunity to layby a Brother Cut and Scan I saved $120. What I would like to know is do any of our Cuties use this for their appliques and do you use it often, i'm hoping it was they right decision. TIA Marian


by vkggal 08 Mar 2018

I don't have a Bro cut and scan, but, I do have a Cameo and have used it to cut very intricate appliques such as vines and flowers. It did a much better job than I could have done with all the ins and outs, twist and turns of the vines. Good may fall in love with it!
Millie in Fl.

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marianb by marianb 09 Mar 2018

Thank you

by graceandham 08 Mar 2018

Thought I would but haven't. Time wise it might be a savings if you were going to stitch the same applique, say 10 times (to create the cut file and use it 10 times). Otherwise, I just find it easier to cut the applique the old fashioned way.

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marianb by marianb 09 Mar 2018

I do tend to use a quite a few flowers ect at a time so hoping it will save time there, also have quite a few Embroidery Library Designs that give you a die line so hoping it will come in handy for them. Thank you.

by shirley124 08 Mar 2018

I have one with the intention of using it for my own appliques, but have not given it a try. Hope it works for you. Let us know how you get on with it. Hugs

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marianb by marianb 09 Mar 2018

Thanks Shirley will let you know. It's on a 3mth layby.

by spendlove Moderator 08 Mar 2018

I tried one and couldn't get on with it! I got in a right mess trying to cut fabric. It does need a lot of preparation. For applique I prefer to stitch down and then trim because it is quicker! I have tried precutting the fabric but it only has to move a tiny bit to spoil everything.

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marianb by marianb 09 Mar 2018

Thank you I get in a right old mess most of the time lol.

by gerryvb 08 Mar 2018

I have a ScanNcut machine but never used it for appliques, only use it for making cards and for cutting vinyl etc. Good luck with the new machine. On the brother site you can find many ideas and you can convert svg files into fcm cutbestanden.

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marianb by marianb 09 Mar 2018

Thank you and thanks for the link I will have to study up so when it comes off layby I can use it..

by Sewmum1 08 Mar 2018

Sounds like you got a good deal. I don't own one as i have another cutting machine that i mostly use for papercrafts but i know there are some cuties that have one and will be able to give you some great tips.

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marianb by marianb 09 Mar 2018

Thank you I also have a Sizzix but find that very difficult to operate one handed, I have to wait till there's someone else here to do them for me..