by sewfrenzie 03 Mar 2018

My brother has Lyme Disease and is also suffering from Pancreatic Issues as well. About three weeks ago he started loosing weight as well. His employer will NOT let him take time off to see a doctor. If he does he gets laid off for a month or two. This has happened in the past too.

We think it might be pancreatitis, but don't know for sure.
He is scared, but hides it well. I saw him Thursday and got a hug and an "I love you", which is very unlike him. Our mother died 30 years ago from Pancreatic Cancer.
Please send prayers for a full recovery.


by babash 04 Mar 2018

Sending a Prayer to you but also saying one thankful that I was born in Australia and don't have to rely on Medical coverage from my job.
Here I could pay for private coverage or go free to a Doctor who bulk billed or free to a public hospital to be seen by a specialist.
Surely the Union can help in some way that is what you pay your fees for or does he just pay fees for the privilege of being able to have a job.

by pennyhal2 04 Mar 2018

What an horrific situation to be caught in. Can he go to an emergency room before or after work?

by cfidl 04 Mar 2018

Employee abuse is rampant with this new subcontractor job culture. It sickens me to know that corporations are a higher priority than human life. We the people must do something now to stop this. I can't tell you what I think because it is political, and I leave politics out of embroidery. Prayers for you brother.

by sewfrenzie 03 Mar 2018

I suggested he try to schedule his appointment away from work hours but with the travel time to see the specialist and his work schedule it would mean he couldn't sleep that day, and that could be dangerous on the job he does. I don't know if he has any vacation time he could use, but that's hard to schedule too with his employer.

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by shirley124 edited 03 Mar 2018

What a sad situation. That boss needs sacking. I am praying for you and your brother that something will enable him to see a doctor soon. As someone said below perhaps he can organize an appointment outside of working hours. Best of luck. Hugs

by lbrow 03 Mar 2018

Someone needs to do something about this "boss" do not see how he can be done this way. It's got to be illegal He will be in my prayers/Lillian

by stork 03 Mar 2018

This "boss" needs to be reported to the better business bureau or the like!!! It is so sad that we, human beings, have become a thing to take advantage of and bargain with instead of being the precious lives we are.

by sewdeb 03 Mar 2018

I am absolutely sure that what your brother's boss is doing is illegal! Where is the Union boss of the union - the dues of the union are supposed to be used to DEFEND it's members! The State Department of Labor (the state he lives in) and also the Federal Department of Labor need to be contacted concerning this abuse. There are also lawyers who practice Labor Law, some per bono.

I will be praying for you and your brother and that this horrible situation at your brother's work will be rectified.! Hugs*

by 02kar Moderator 03 Mar 2018

I'm shocked and appalled. That is abusive. Can he call the doctor for an appointment outside of working hours or even go the Emergency Room after work? Please keep us updated and prayers will be going up for him and his loved ones.

by maleah 03 Mar 2018

How cruel of his boss. Prayers for him and the fmaily

by kustomkuddle 03 Mar 2018

How disconcerting not to know what is going on and not being able to find out. I find it very hard to understand not being allowed medical treatment without such a huge penalty in this day and age. Didn't realize that I was that naive. Sending prayers for all of you. May you feel the Lord's loving arms around you. Huge hugs

by airyfairy 03 Mar 2018

I am so very sorry that your brother is not well. I would imagine what your brother’s boss is doing is illegal. How can he stop your brother from seeing a doctor........

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graceandham by graceandham 03 Mar 2018

What if your brother sent for an ambulance from work? Just trying to come at solution from a different direction. Something needs to wake that boss up.

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Mar 2018

This makes me upset. Where is it possible that a employer will not let you get time off to see a doctor? If it is in the States I would check with the Labor Board.
I will pray for both you.

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sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 03 Mar 2018

He is union and the place he works for is a piece of work!
He has been laid off before and he loses his health insurance, than when he goes back to work they don't give him enough hours to earn his health insurance back. Yes this is in the states