by Kampfzwerg 01 Mar 2018


Chanel-inspired twin-set. Hand knitted jacked and top in turquiose-glitz. The buttons are from Joe-Anne`s in Fort Meyers (Florida-vacation). When I saw the buttons, I remembered the yarn in my stash and the design instantly appeared in my head. Tree years later I discovered this turquoise poly-stretch fabric. The seams appear a little bit crooked but stretch out nicely, when the skirt is worn.


by mops Moderator 05 Mar 2018

A beautiful ensemble! I love the colour, it is my favorite one. I hope your hands fully recovered after the move! We really need nimble fingers and healthy wrist for our crafts.

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Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 06 Mar 2018

Mine also. I have an other twin-set in turquoise in Ajour, It looks really grat with navy-blue or white.

by basketkase 03 Mar 2018

Stunning work....beautiful colors...

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Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 03 Mar 2018

Thank You, Dear,

by pennyhal2 03 Mar 2018

You made a fabulous outfit! That "useless pile of paper" turned out to be a treasure trove! You certainly have mastered the techniques needed to make such a gorgeous creation! What else have you knitted? I want to see more!

Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 03 Mar 2018

Will come up later. When I started knitting sweaters the right and purl stitches were uneven. I was so frustrated that I started a sweater in rounds, but from the left side. The whole thing in purl-stitches. That took care of that. I didn`t do much in garter-stitch, because it was too boring. I started out with Fair-Isle knitting, sitting at the table with my crayons and quad paper and drawing patterns for my next object. I have knitted socks, woolen chemisoles for children with 2mm needles, big Islandic sweaters for my SIL and her husband, an Aaran-sweater for my hubby with 3mm needles in 56E-46US, lace, Guernseys, lots of cable, Ajour, mittens, hats an so much more. In the moment I`m recovering from our last move. My hands were so overworked, I couldn`t even open a milk package. So I started a hand-recovering-programm with a crochet-hook.I really didn`t have the strength for knitting. When I started the first shawl in Mini-Virus-pattern, I had a Déjà-vu-experience. My hand instantly knew, they have donne this pattern before. It nagged at me. Two weeks later, while unpacking my sewing and knitting magazines, one slipped and fell open. I just could not belive what I saw: the Mini-Virus pattern and the glued in bandage of the yarn from 1977. And I remebered. I`ve made a cream and beige-ombree shawl for my fiances grandma, for his sister`s wedding. "There are more things between the sky and earth than school wisdom will let you imagine".
Well, well.

mops by mops 05 Mar 2018

When I started knitting I had to use a 0.5 mm smaller needle for purling than for the knit stitches not to get a tell-tale stripy effect.

by RodnickBiljon 02 Mar 2018

Beautiful set

by liliana1 01 Mar 2018

Fabulous set

by dragonflyer 01 Mar 2018

Lovely set...

by babash 01 Mar 2018

Gosh you are so clever I love the complete outfit you have made.
Well done.

by Kampfzwerg 01 Mar 2018

Thank You Cuties for looking and comments. I somehow have inherited a color memory.
I never sew the pieces together. Instead I use a crochethook. When I was 15 and started knitting seriously (my first socks), I scrached together my pocketmoney to buy a Burda knitting instruction book. My mama called me insane to spend 7.50 DM for a pale of useless paper. In this book they showed different kinds of seams to use on knitted items. I discovered that a sewn daisy stitch is the same as a croched slipstitch and use it cince then. I love it. If I make a mistake, I simply pull the thread and unravel it and try again. All the edges are finished with a croched slipstitch to hold them in form. Cotton isn`t really stretchy, pitty.

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Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 01 Mar 2018

Sorry, the pile slipped to pale.

by clintonmiss22 01 Mar 2018

Lovely! I love buttons!! Amazing how everything matches so well, when they were all purchased at different times. Beautifully done.

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Mar 2018

A wonderful set. Amazing how one item can motivate us to create around it. You did a great job.

by sewdeb 01 Mar 2018

What a gorgeous set! and to think it was all inspired by some buttons! Amazing!

by kustomkuddle 01 Mar 2018

A beautiful outfit. Love the color!

by jrob Moderator 01 Mar 2018

Your plan came together really well! It's a beautiful set.

by jenne 01 Mar 2018

Looks very nice to you plan to wear it a Easter. the color would be perfect.

by lilylady 01 Mar 2018

Sew Beautiful!

by gerryvb 01 Mar 2018

reading your story I just had to take a closer look at the buttons. The whole set is beautiful, excellent job, and lovely colour.

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graceandham by graceandham 01 Mar 2018

Gerry is correct!

by pennifold 01 Mar 2018

Wow! This is outstanding and I LOVE the colour! Well done it must look gorgeous on you. Love Chris

by spendlove Moderator 01 Mar 2018

Lovely outfit! I'm impressed that you started with the buttons and worked outwards!

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Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 01 Mar 2018

Thank You!