by grobin 28 Feb 2018

Long ago there was a designbycutie of a stethoscope in A VIP only format. Does anyone have the link to that design. If a PES was added I would need that format.

Thank you in advance.


by graceandham 01 Mar 2018

Check your files. I have a file whose name begins "JML stethoscope...". It looks good.

by babash 01 Mar 2018

Can't you change it to PES in your software. Quite often I download PES as the format I use JEF is not available and I convert it myself using Embird. There are a few programs that will convert and some are free.

by rescuer Moderator 28 Feb 2018

The DBC has been closed for maintenance for some time now. Only the design digitizer could help you.