by mechille 22 Feb 2018

Hey Cuties, I have a question. while looking thru my collections of designs, I found a design that said it was a .rar file, I tried to open it and couldn't. I thought I remembered that it was like a zip file, so I right clicked it, but it didn't offer for me to extract it. Does anyone know how to use this file. Thanks for any help. Have a Blessed Day.


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by jofrog2000 edited 26 Feb 2018 Try this. I use 7zip and it's so easy.

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mechille by mechille 04 Mar 2018


by AuntAnnie 22 Feb 2018

I use Extract Frog


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mechille by mechille 24 Feb 2018


by rescuer Moderator 22 Feb 2018

I have a free opener I use on my laptop. I keep it from taking over my computer information with special software. My desktop is too important to risk the extra (read worm/virus/trojan) files that come with it. I read her on Cute years ago that Embird basic will open those files too. I would trust Embird software but will not recommend any of the others as most or all seem to have those problem files that come with the "free download"

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 22 Feb 2018

Hmmm...even 7-Zip has this issue?

rescuer by rescuer 22 Feb 2018

I have yet to find one that doesn't have the issue. Some of the places to download "free" programs include LOTS of problem files. If you run a top tier anti-virus/malware scan that includes searching for "potentially unwanted programs" you will find you cannot remove the "extra" software without removing the software you actually wanted. Some are better (fewer extra files) than others. Mostly, the malware just spies on you and sends that info home to its creator. I really shouldn't say that all have this issue. There may be some places I haven't tried that don't.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 22 Feb 2018

Thanks...just asking as you recommended 7Zip to me with a link to download then to open .rar files...

mechille by mechille 22 Feb 2018

Thanks.... I have often thought about embird, but didn't know a lot about it. Thanks for your help and knowledge. I knew there would be a cutie out there would could help. :)

rescuer by rescuer 22 Feb 2018

Dragonflyer, some time ago, the "free software" websites had a bad reputation for viruses. They worked on it and were clean for a while (I am sure that is when I recommend it to you). Unfortunately, they have not been diligent at all recently. They are no longer consistent enough to say they are OK -- at least not for me. Other Cuties may have had a good experience with the software. However, much like the rest of the internet -- always changing -- the sites now seem to come with a payload...
If you have it on your computer already, just run a scan for "potentially unwanted software" to double check it. If you run into issues, send me a PM. I am in and out for the next week, so the PM would be more readily seen.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 22 Feb 2018

No problem with what I downloaded when you gave me the link....and I have run the potentially unwanted software program from my anti-virus programs and nothing comes I am good...just double checking...

by Kampfzwerg 22 Feb 2018

Hello Dear,
I use 7 Zip. It opens everything and is fast as lightning. It opens several zip-files at once and faster than other programmes. I love it. Every Cutie should have it.
And the best: It`s free.

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mechille by mechille 22 Feb 2018

Thanks, I thought I had that, but maybe not.. will have to check. :)

by graceandham 22 Feb 2018

You need a little free program that opens .rar files. Someone who uses it will come along and tell you. I gave up on .rar.

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mechille by mechille 22 Feb 2018