by Barbaric 30 Jan 2018

The time has come and I have to place my parents into a home. My dad has dementia and mum has Charles Bonnet Syndrome. They both turn 90 in October and will be married 69 years this year. To top it off my sister broke her ankle last week and our son in law's brother had a heart attack at the age of 44 in Japan while taking his mother on her overseas trip on Sunday. Also our daughter's home was robbed while the family was sleeping and lost their car, wallets and lots of electronic gear. I would appreciate your prayers. I had just finished my grand daughters quilt for her 5th Birthday in March the night before and will post a picture when I can. I would like to thank everyone in advance for their prayers. Barb


by gerryvb 01 Feb 2018

oh dear, that's a lot for you to handle.....prayers for you and family.

by katydid 31 Jan 2018

I am crying and praying for your family. God will see you through this. Trust in him!!

by toogie 31 Jan 2018

It is times like these, when we realize the strength we have. You poor dear, to have so much to handle.
I love hearing how long your parents have been married. Sixty nine years, what great evidence of commitment! It is sad, to see the ones you love mental state and health change, with aging. The move to a home will probably be worse on you than them. When I had to put my sister in, I came home and cried. She loved it, so you never know.
This year is off to a bad start for you, so we will hope and pray for better days, for all concerned. Hang in there Barb!-Toogie

by mops Moderator 31 Jan 2018

That's an impressive list of strife and trouble. Prayers and blassings!

by arisann 31 Jan 2018

May God bless you all and help you through all these troubles that
has happened to your family. Prayers.

by maleah 31 Jan 2018

Prayers said for your entire family....

by joansatx 31 Jan 2018

Oh dear one! Praying.......

by dragonflyer 31 Jan 2018

Oh my have been through so much...thoughts and prayers are with you, Barb...stay strong.

by 02kar Moderator 31 Jan 2018

You all have my prayers for comfort, strength and healing. That is must too impressive a list of sadness to manage without prayer and support. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt for your granddaughter.

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Jan 2018

The old saying "when it rains it pours" comes to mind. This sounds more like a storm. I am so sorry for all that is happening. Prayers will be said for you Barb and your family.

by airyfairy 31 Jan 2018

I am so sorry you are going through such a rough time. My thoughts are with you and your family

by cfidl 31 Jan 2018

My thoughts and prayers for you and your loved ones. God Bless.

by parkermom 30 Jan 2018

wow that is a lot on your plate. I will be praying for you for strength and health and comfort.

by graceandham 30 Jan 2018

This is a load of stressors. As far as your folks, remember that they may be unhappy at first and turn to you a lot to move them or fix things. You may need to be busy with other things for a few weeks to give them time to make friends and get accustomed to their new situation. After that, I will say that the care they get is much dependent on them having frequent and irregular visitors. That way the staff will know they are being observed if they skip a bath or a shave or forget to help with feeding, etc. Be sure any medical legal wishes are on file at the nurse's station and not locked in an office on the weekend - and have your copies available, too, in your car. Our friend who is in a nursing home for life since before 40 had a staff who always bathed and shaved him and got him into his wheelchair on Tuesdays because they knew my DH would be there Tuesday morning. But, lots of other days, the personal care might be skipped and he might be left in bed until noon or after. So, we had to vary the visiting schedule to irregular times and days, and raise a ruckus if he was dirty or in pajamas in the afternoon! Also, your folks will be able to tell you after awhile who does not receive visitors and it would be a great kindness for you to "drop by" to say hello when you are there, so everyone knows you are checking in on them, too. To get excellent care requires outside attention.

by kustomkuddle 30 Jan 2018

You are being pulled in so many directions at the same time. Everything you mentioned yells deal with me first. My prayers go out to you and praying that everything will work its way to a better situation.

by dailylaundry 30 Jan 2018

Oh, my Barb - how awful!! Difficult decision with your folks - but, you know when the time is right - hope they can be together. We went through a robbery like your daughter did. My husband and I played it down as much as possible so as not to scare the kids - which in turn, actually help ourselves through it. They cannot start worrying how much worse it could have been - you just have to learn from it, make changes in your home, and replace things. We went through being mad, scared and then started making changes at our house ... like got a dog, put up motion detectors, a couple of extra locks, etc. We simply counted our blessings and moved on. Now things need to look up for you and your whole family!! Hugs, Laura

by shirley124 30 Jan 2018

Sorry to hear all your problems. Prayers coming your way. Hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 30 Jan 2018

Barb you sound as if you have had a lot to deal with recently. Positive thoughts coming your way

by jrob Moderator 30 Jan 2018

Barb, what a string of tragedies you've had to endure. I'll pray for you and the transition of your parents, the ankle, heart attack and robbery. Blessings on you now and may you enjoy peace and God's presence.

by pennifold 30 Jan 2018

Oh! my goodness Barb what a lot of strife you and your family have suffered. I pray that all will settle down and that your parents will be happy in their new place of residence. What a wonderful testament to married life too. I'm so sorry to read about the rest of the issues as well and pray that all will be resolved. Love Chris

by basketkase 30 Jan 2018 sorry to hear of all these problems you are having....blessings on you and your family....will pray all will turn out well for all involved...