by grobin 28 Jan 2018


Has anyone purchased and/or used the new Brothers Scan N Cut 2 machine. Any comments as to pros and cons of owning it . There are 2 news ones. Any pros/cons over purchasing one or the other of them.
I want to one of them for doing appliques. I don't like cutting the fabric myself. Any information would help.
I have read about it but I want views from the Cuties.
Thank you in advance


by lique 29 Jan 2018

I have a scan and cut but am not using it for fabric. The mats are not very sticky and the time I tried it I was not pleased with the result, it does not always cut through the material and I still had to use the scissors to cut small parts. It is great for paper and card cutting. Mine is a few years old now and it could be they have improved them.

by marianb 29 Jan 2018

Sorry can't help but I was also interested in getting the Scan N Cut will look forward to hearing Cuties thoughts.

by maggiecal 28 Jan 2018

I mostly cut vinyl with my Scan n Cut 350 - I've had it a few years now. It can but I've never cut fabric with it.The majority of folks using the machines are paper crafters. There are about a dozen Facebook groups for Scan n Cut. With fabric, I don't do a lot of repeats (I don't sell) so it is quicker and easier for me to cut fabric off the machine than to set it up and prep the fabric for cutting. The higher end or newer models of Scan n Cut (you have to check the details) can read PES embroidery files for cutting appliqué pieces - so that makes set-up faster. Most folks are unimpressed with their new quilting machine (model 800 something) and would recommend staying with the more all purpose versions). I'll private message you some of the better FB groups - especially fabric ones. I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to link anything Facebook here (thus the message). There are some folks do lovely appliqué quilts and other fabric works with their machines. Most don't get special fabric sheets but iron their fabric to freezer paper as prep. The machines do take some getting used to - you have to set the blades to cut through your very thin item but not so deep it cuts through your mat. There is also a sweet spot for stickiness of the mat (mine had come too sticky and nothing would come off - had to soak and scrape items off which ruined them with all the scraping). Then they flipped and people's new mats were losing their stickiness right away (wash and apply zig glue works like a charm). I do like my machine and I'm happy withe the free online Canvas software, but they're not plug in and go - you have to play with it to get a feel for a few things. Getting the blade depth right for various items is about as fun as getting tension right on a serger When I got mine the blade settings were off in a bunch (including mine) - I think they've gotten better with it so you can follow blade setting recommendations to get close to what you need. (moderators my blog doesn't make money, no clickbait, just sharing).

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grobin by grobin 28 Jan 2018

Thank you.

by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Jan 2018

Bringing this back to the top. I did remove the same post from the QA section since that is dedicated to questions about navigating the site. Sorry I myself know nothing about Scan N Cut

grobin by grobin 28 Jan 2018

Thank you.
I get confused entering the post.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 28 Jan 2018

No problem. I will try to keep your question on the page till you get answers.