by peafarm 29d ago

Thank you to the 7 or 8 that voted on the 'K' in the embossed swan font we are now downloading. May I please ask for more to vote on this letter? I've held on to letter 'J' for a while and then when the letters started back up it went to 'L'. I am on this site twice daily looking for the downloads and viewing everyone's wonderful projects, just not taking the time to respond mostly--it is so time consuming--but I just love everyone's projects. I am not an energetic person, nor do I get too many things done in timely manners--just trying to concentrate on grandchildren and great grands getting a gift for Christmas and Birthday's done. My volunteer work also has been suffering a bit. I've had 2 surgeries, I am deaf in one ear at present due to illness [hope that straightens back out] and now a knee that is back to hurting again. I have just been collecting designs mostly for when the urge hits. Your voting would insure I at least get a full alpha which is graciously donated. Love you all.


by jgwatchorn 19d ago

Voted 'K' and 'R'

by gerryvb 19d ago

voted, still on 3rd place....

by clintonmiss22 19d ago

Vote number 39. It's in 3rd place right now!

by pennifold 19d ago

Voted it's up to number 34, love Chris

by pennyhal2 19d ago

Right now it's on pg 4

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by toogie edited 22d ago

I just voted the "K" It was vote #2 but it was on page 19 in this link.Please vote this letter TODAY CUTIES to help this Cutie get her missing letter since the font is finished. Thank you all!

by arisann 23d ago

voted 20.
Will you please send me a link to the Little Bear you make for baby showers, that you have posted in projects way back. If you would. I tried the name listed there but not come up. If you have time... I will go buy it.....thanks

by jgwatchorn 23d ago

Voted 'K" page 2

by shirley124 25d ago

Voted again. 19 votes A long way to go. Hugs

by queenofhearts 25d ago

I don't think it really pays to vote for a past letter until the alphabet is complete but I will add my vote.

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toogie by toogie 25d ago

I agree.....

by gerryb 26d ago


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pennifold by pennifold 25d ago

Me too - up to 21, long way to go. Love Chris

by toogie 26d ago

voted #15 on 01-28-18
None of them have many votes at all today,maybe because its Sunday, so maybe we could vote it in IF enough vote today. Otherwise it probably won't do much good until after the Z.

by shirley124 26d ago

Just voted 9 votes.

by gerryvb 26d ago

voted # 8 now, not enough I'm afraid...

by jgwatchorn 26d ago

Voted "K" number 7 page 5

by pennifold 27d ago

I've just voted again for the K and it's only at 17! I didn't realise that it goes back to zero again. I voted only one day ago and it was 36!!!! Love Chris

by clintonmiss22 27d ago

I just voted. K is on the top of page 2 right now, but it may take a miracle to get it for tomorrow! It has 15 votes now, but the V has 174. May need to finish the alpha before you can get enough votes. I'll keep trying though. :0)

by toogie 27d ago

voted #6 on page 3 when I voted today 01-27-18

by pennifold 28d ago

Voted again for the K - it's now up to 36, love Chris

by jgwatchorn 28d ago

Voted for " K " # 31

by shirley124 28d ago

Voted again

by gramsbear 28d ago

1/26/18 Voted # 20...For the K...

by toogie 28d ago

Voted #16 today the 26th

by asterixsew Moderator 28d ago

Voted - 3

by marianb 29d ago

now at 36

by toogie 29d ago

We will keep voting but it may not come until after the Z, It looks like the letters are coming in order with so many more votes ahead of the K you need.

by shirley124 29d ago

Now 27 Votes

by cooperal 29d ago

I have the K and see that it's up to 23 votes today. I will vote for it daily. Avis

by pennifold 29d ago

Hi peafarm, I've just gone to the page where the Embossed Swan font is and have voted for the K for you. I've put the page url here for others to find.
I've been on this site just after Veronika started and didn't even look at the top of the page to see FREEBIES vote! So I've just spent the past half hour going to the Cute Alphabets site etc., only to find this - duh!!!!

I hope more people will vote for you. Good luck, love Chris

by rescuer Moderator 29d ago

Remember all daily free deigns are offered based on Votes from the Community. This is the first I have seen this request. I will go vote

Keep this post near the top by making a comment each day until you get it or a new design set begins. Good luck

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rescuer by rescuer 29d ago

I voted but you might have a hard time getting it anytime soon as it was offered 7 days ago.

by jgwatchorn 29d ago

Voted for ' K ' # 12 I will vote every day...