by babash 22 Jan 2018

Has anybody used the Snap Hoop Monster hoops?

Maybe someone has some tricks that will help me adjust to a different hooping system and things not to do.
I was wondering if there are any issues with them.
I have ordered one for my Janome 500E machine. They look to be easier to hoop thick items.
Thanks for reading


by babash 20 Feb 2018

I have post my first project using the magnetic hoop. Thanks for all the advice. I still have all my fingers and no sliding issues to making sure I held it correctly.
That is what I like good advice.

by peafarm 25 Jan 2018

I have bought the 8 x 8 hoop and the 5 x 7. There is a learning curve if you have to remove it to change your bobbin mid stream of embroidering. I find the top magnetic part wants to 'slide' when you have to remove it. I have been trying to slide it with fingers on the bottom part only as I carefully watch Eileen Roche on a YouTube video-or a sewing show take it off that way. I try to make sure the frame is all even but even still, when I put mechanism back onto machines if it slides the least little bit your embroidery will get off. I thought about buying what they call earth magnets and just use the bottom metal plate. That is how Viking machine do I think since a friend of my has a Viking Ruby and she puts magnets all around hers and says no problems. I can't imagine if the Monster doesn't hold that great what the first one they came out with worked.

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babash by babash 26 Jan 2018

Thank you for your input my hoop hasn't arrived yet but will now be aware of perhaps a sliding issue.
I will certainly watch the You Tube video you mentioned thanks again for your help.

by marianb 23 Jan 2018

I have the 8x12 one for my Dream Machine but haven't tried it yet. Will let you know in a few weeks when I can get to it..

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babash by babash 23 Jan 2018

Thanks Will be keen to hear how you find it.

by crafter2243 Moderator 22 Jan 2018

I have bought and used it. When I first received the hoop I thought it was a little hard to slide on the carriage. I was not paying to much attention to it thinking it was normal. Next time my machine would ONLY recognize 4x4 frame and none of the larger frames. After a lot of back and forth with the company they send me another piece of plastic to replace on their frame. The original had small burrs on it. It messed up my Brother Dream Machine and I was never reimbursed for the repair cost. The frame works well after that and I intend to use it for quilting.

graceandham by graceandham 23 Jan 2018

Not good to hear this.

babash by babash 23 Jan 2018

Thank for the heads up I will be sure to take my time when putting it on for the first time in case there is a problem connecting it on.
Glad to hear you are still going to use it.

by kustomkuddle 22 Jan 2018

Sorry, I have not used it. I just recently bought a metal hoop for thicker fabrics that are difficult to hoop. It uses magnets to hold the fabric. So far I am in love with it.

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babash by babash 23 Jan 2018

Thanks This is a magnet hoop as well so hoping it will be easy on tricky stuff.

by sandyqueen 22 Jan 2018



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babash by babash 23 Jan 2018

Thank You