by maleah 17 Jan 2018

I can't believe that when I woke up this morning, it was a MINUS 2 degrees. The dentist actually called to cancel my appointment today. He could not get out of his driveway. Although the snow is pretty, I think I should have been a bear to hibernate during the winter...And people are claiming "global warming"? - Not in Tennessee


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by CindyG edited 17 Jan 2018

Wow. We are expecting 40 degrees (104 F) today. Half way between both would be nice.

It's already 30 and it only 11 am.

parkermom by parkermom 17 Jan 2018

Before I retired, I taught math so I know the formula for converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius, but it always amazes me that 40 degrees is that hot!

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 18 Jan 2018

10 days ago it was 43.5C outside & in the shade house it was a degree hotter.We live 3 streets back from the sea.It was probably hotter inland.Next day it dropped about 10 degrees ,then 2 thunder storms came & afterwards there was a blackout which lasted for 26 hours.We could get no info from the electricity hot line,as far as they were concerned it was fixed.IN the end there were 3 cherry pickers ,a van & another vehicle from energy aust ,in a street about 200m long & with a lot of residents watching them.It was so hot at night without fans.

by 02kar Moderator 17 Jan 2018

A friend of ours has been studying weather patterns. Ugh! Not pretty. Weather is very cyclical as history shows. We had a very light dusting of snow and a coating of ice here in NW Florida. A lot of stuff has been closed her because it's hard for the heating systems to keep up. I'm very happy curled up in my recliner with my blanket.

by AuntAnnie 17 Jan 2018

Climatologists have shown how these cold weather patterns can be caused by global warming. Also, there is a difference between "weather" and "climate."

by graceandham 17 Jan 2018

Clearly there has been global harming to cause our weather to be so bizarre and exceptional.