by meganne 23 Dec 2017

As Christmases come and go, 2017 will go down as being the most painful one of all time as my Niece lost her two year battle with liver disease on Friday night, 22nd December.

There are so many heartbreaking tragedies that touch us all, but some are made so much worse coming at a time when we are supposed to be celebrating this most holy time with our families.

I'm glad I decided not to have Christmas with all the trimmings this year, mostly because I had surgery on my spine on 12/12 and I can't bend over or lift anything yet. So, no tree, no decorations, just a quiet lunch with Ray to give thanks that we still have each other.

In the last twelve months, ten very dear friends lost their husbands, we said final farewells to two very beautiful ladies and also to Ray's dearest friend of over 60 years. Now I have lost my Niece.
It has been a tough year to get through and I have struggled coming to terms with it all.

I pray for everyone to have a beautiful Christmas with your families and that 2018 will be a better year for those who have suffered through this last year.


by airyfairy 14 Jan 2018

It is so sad to loose good friends. We also lost two dear friends to cancer over Christmas. I am so very sorry that your niece has passed away. Love and hugs to you Meg. Sarah

by arisann 12 Jan 2018

Just now read your post: So very sorry for you and your family in all these loses you have had. May His love and comfort be with you now and forever. Forever God is with us!! May your 2018 be a less painful year. Trust in the Lord no Matter What, Just as Job did in the Bible who said though He slay me I will trust in Him. Hard to do, yes but may your faith grow stronger. Prayers for you! The Lord loves you!

by sebsews 01 Jan 2018

I am so sorry for all your losses in 2017. I will be thinking about you and your family. Suzanna

by toogie 24 Dec 2017

I didn't think yesterday I would be making a post like this today. We got up to news this Sunday morning that our grandson had his 4 wheeler stolen during the night and it was loaded in the back of his pickup truck, right at the carport. I felt bad for him, but that was nothing compared to the call we got a few minutes later.
One of our niece's husband died. He woke up, sat on side of bed and fell dead. He may be 50, not sure but he had hip surgery the first of the week. He was doing good and was discharged from hospital and died. We are all thinking a blood clot. The niece is devastated, in shock, as you can imagine.
By the way, the 4 wheeler was recovered. And Chris these these cost thousands of dollars new, I think 5 or 6 because he had extra stuff installed on it, and its not that old. I think he had just finished paying it off. Caleb's a good guy, works hard and is very good dad to Rylan.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 01 Jan 2018

Oh, sad to hear this...I hope moving forward, 2018 is a happy and prosperous year for all of you...

toogie by toogie 12 Jan 2018

Thank you Kim and the same wishes for you...

by gramt 24 Dec 2017

I am so sorry for your losses. It seems as the years march by that death is an unwanted guest visiting for to often. I feel your pain and offer my deepest condolences. May God bless and keep you and Ray.

by lbrow 23 Dec 2017

My dear Meg I totally understand how you feel. This has been a bad year for so many of us. Know you are loved by so many and you have your precious Ray to enfold you. I have faith the coming yr. will be better for all of us. I do know God knows all about it and us and He is there for us even though we don't understand. . My dear pastor buried his mother today in the pouring rain, She was one of my Caleb and Abby's other Great Grandmothers. So again this is so close to home. She was their Dad's Grandmother. You and Ray have a close loving comforting Christmas. Much love Lillian

by raels011 23 Dec 2017

We are not doing much celebrating either Meg I have lost a very good friend 3 weeks ago then My Cousin Maxine 2 weeks ago and Yesterday I was informed my Nephew Clinton too his own life on Wednesday Very sad for the family I hope 2018 will be better than 2017 for everyone Hugs Raelene

by dailylaundry 23 Dec 2017

Meg, it was a sad sad year - in so many ways. I know you to be a very strong person and you will begin to ease with grieving. Tears are cleansing and you are in my prayers!! Love to you and Ray!!! Laura

by barba 23 Dec 2017

Meganne, so sorry for all you have lost in the past few months. As others, I know how hard it is and am still grieving for the ones I have lost. This year seems especially hard for some reason. Spend so many hours crying and wishing for different outcomes. Here is hoping and praying for a blessed 2018 with much healing and happiness for all. Hugs, Barba

by sandralane 23 Dec 2017

Meganne , this has been a very difficult year for you to cope with so many loses and health issues, and I pray 2018 will be a happy healthy and prosperous year for you and Ray and family and friends. May it also be a great year of creating many new things to embroider, and have some fun in your lives. Blessings ! Sandra.

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Dec 2017

Meg I am so sorry for it all. I pray that 2018 will be a better year for you. I remember my father talking about how, as he is getting older, too many of his friends are dying. As I am getting old I painfully understand what he is talking about. Hugs and have a quiet and peaceful Christmas. Enjoy each other

by cfidl 23 Dec 2017

You have gotten through some tough stuff yourself! Multiple surgeries and too many scares. You got the sentiment right for the moment. Best wishes for the new year.

by toogie 23 Dec 2017

I am so terribly sorry, for all the pain of loss that you've had to endure this pass year and now, with your niece. Your sister/brother must be devastated at losing a child, no matter her age, and right here at Christmastime,too.
I hope your surgery is a success and you recover well. Just 'do what the dr ordered' so you can heal good.
I was thinking this morning about those who have losses like this. My husbands niece and her daughter just left not long ago. The niece just had 2 daughters and 2 grandsons. She lost half of her family,1 grandson one year and her daughter the next. The grandson in an auto accident and the daughter after surgery. Niece never wants to be home for Christmas, says the memories are too painful, missing them.
Then it reminds me how blessed and how thankful I am, for each year I have my children and grandchildren. We never know what the next year holds or if we have another year.
You may not be celebrating the traditional Christmas, but you have the right meaning of Christmas, being with someone you love and giving thanks for time you have together. My heart is heavy thinking of you and your family during this time of such great loss. -Toogie

by Sewmum1 23 Dec 2017

Sorry for your losses. Quiet Christmases are sometime just what the Dr ordered. May next year be an easier year for you and anyone else that has had a rough time this year

by irenewayne 23 Dec 2017

Meg you are so only Sister had an op for bowel cancer a few days ago & will be spending Christmas in hospital, just wish we didn't live so far apart (she's in Melbourne) but prognosis is looking good at this stage, My Daughter is still doing it tough after her Hubby passed away suddenly. It's so hard for everyone especially at this time of the year, so I hope you & Ray have a lovely Christmas even if it's a quiet 1 like mine & I hope 2018 is good to you & everyone else

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by airyfairy edited 23 Dec 2017

I am so terribly sorry for your loss Meg. My condolences to you and your family. Hugs Sarah

by liliana1 23 Dec 2017

My Deepest Condolences to you and your family

by Leaha 23 Dec 2017

My deepest sympathies to you for all the losses this year. May God extend His healing Hands out to you so you know you are not alone. Let Him hold you and your grief as He cradles your loved ones in His gentle embrace. hugs

by basketkase 23 Dec 2017

Meg.....sending blessings to you as you go through so much is never easy to let go of our loved ones......Praying for a more peaceful Christmas and New year for you and your family......

by hightechgrammy 23 Dec 2017

Meganne, I'm so sorry you have had to endure such sadness. My heart goes out to the families, and to you too.

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 23 Dec 2017

Make sure you let yourself grieve for each one. Grief for someone significant will take from four to eight years! Your heart is hurting, recognize that, and take everything a little easier. Give yourself permission to Not do all the things you wish you could do before your heart was broken. Love you, Jan

by dlonnahawkins 23 Dec 2017

Meg - so sorry for your loss. But, as you say, so many of us have had heart breaking tragedies and loses. As I write this, part of my family is preparing for the memorial of their mother - my sister. She is the first sibling I have lost, but it does show we lose loved ones as we age. I was unable to make it out to Kansas to be there as I have been going through a lot of issues with my husband. In fact, my sister died the night before DH went in for a heart procedure. I too have struggled in coming to terms, for my concern for DH did not allow me the grieving time I needed for my sister. But, God has blessed us this year....we have beautiful Great-granddaughters that we can share Christmas with this year.....3 years, 1 year, and 7 months.

Prayers for you and your niece's family......

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toogie by toogie 23 Dec 2017

dlonnahawkins I am so sorry for your loss of your sister and not being able to go. Your husband must feel bad for you too, knowing you had to stay for him. I hope his procedure was successful.
I am also glad God has given you these little ones, to help you endure the pain of loss. Children have a way of making us forget, even for a moment, the sad times.
Remembering you also at this time-Toogie

by joansatx 23 Dec 2017

Praying and crying with you. I'm glad you have found ways to get through each moment. I'm sorry for the hurt. More prayers are holding you.

by parkermom 23 Dec 2017

I'm so sorry that you have suffered all these losses. It seems so unfair at times, and sometimes I feel anger at the thought of all the grief a person has to go through. God knows and understands your pain, and you will understand the why of it all someday. Please remember to be as tender to yourself as you would be with any other grieving person.

by Midnight1 23 Dec 2017

Prayers to you and your family.

by dragonflyer 23 Dec 2017

So sad for all of your losses, Meganne. I pray that you and Ray have a peaceful holiday and blessed new year.

by sewdoctor 23 Dec 2017

I am so sorry for your is always hard to lose someone you love, doubly so at Christmas......My father died 21 years ago I feel your pain. It does get easier....Hope you feel much better real soon. May God give you peace....

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Leaha by Leaha 23 Dec 2017

I lost my day 17 years ago this Christmas, life goes on but it's harder. Today is my mom's 96th birthday and she too is in heaven.

by graceandham 23 Dec 2017

Oh, Meganne, I am so sorry for your many losses. The Christmas after I was widowed I remember all I could handle energy-wise and emotionally was my Christmas plates and placemats and a few candles. The rest had to wait for a happier year and happier me. I have had three big losses this Christmas and I'm floating in the fog of a cold with asthma, so my Christmas is very low-key this time again. God understands. A quiet Christmas can still be beautiful. Call your friends and tell them you love them.

Leaha by Leaha 23 Dec 2017

Excellent advice Merry Christmas to you. Hope you feel better soon. hugs

toogie by toogie 23 Dec 2017

Big Hug Betsey!

by sdrise 23 Dec 2017

My sympathies on your losses. Prayers are with you and hope you feel better soon. Try to have a wonderful Christmas too. Think about all the good memories everyone shared throughout your lives. We are all with you!

by kustomkuddle 23 Dec 2017

I am so sorry for your loss. I too struggle during this time as I lost my twin sister on Dec. 29, 2013 and then my father 6 months later. My sister and I always did so much together during this time of year that it makes it difficult to do things without her. I am happy that you will be able to spend some time with your husband. Wishing you a very Wonderful, Blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with blessings.

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toogie by toogie 23 Dec 2017

Oh Deb, I am sorry about your twin and dad. I see how hard it is for my niece, so I understand the difficulty you speak of. Bless you.

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Dec 2017

Thinking positive thoughts for you. I'm sorry to hear about the many losses that you and Ray have had this year. Christmas and the end of the year one does look back and remember those who are in our hearts but no longer with us in person. Take care with the recovery of your surgery and remember the good times with your niece and hoping that 2018 is a better year for you.

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toogie by toogie 23 Dec 2017

Caroline you know my husband family always get together for the 4th of July. We remember each year, the ones that are no longer with us, that we lost that year. Like you say, they are always in our hearts.