by pennifold 23 Dec 2017

Hi everyone, Rüdesheim in Germany didn’t disappoint us and it snowed. We met Amy, Steve and girls in Munich, Germany on Thursday and we are now in Innsbruck, Austria with them. It rained most of yesterday and we are off to a surprise lunch that the kids have organised for us today. The Christmas markets here are absolutely stunning. Thinking of you all. Love Chris


by katydid 26 Dec 2017

I am trying to keep up with you. Love the up dates. Have a wonderful trip!

by Patricia103 25 Dec 2017

All rugged up! While we sweltered in over 40 degree heat on Christmas Eve. Luckily Christmas Day was much cooler, only 29 degrees at my place.
Enjoy your snow-y Christmas.

by raels011 25 Dec 2017

wondered why photo was upside down then realized it is us down under who see that side of the world upside down

by toogie 24 Dec 2017

Love the photos and happy times. Keep them coming! Merry Christmas to all!

by airyfairy 23 Dec 2017

Munich, one of my favourite cities and where my husband is from. I hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas . Hugs Sarah

by Barbaric 23 Dec 2017

great photos, have a lovely time

by Leaha 23 Dec 2017

What fun for all. Merry Christmas and enjoy your travels safely. hugs

by dragonflyer 23 Dec 2017

Fun, Fun, Fun! So happy you can all be together!

by kustomkuddle 23 Dec 2017

Lovely pictures. Hope you are having a grand time!

by kustomkuddle 23 Dec 2017

Lovely pictures. Hope you are having a grand time!

by meganne 23 Dec 2017

Gorgeous photos. Love the one of you and Amy.

by michemb 23 Dec 2017

Oh so much fun, making great memories with your grandchildren and family. I envy you having time to go see all those markets. I love them and would be in 7th heaven (my hubby not so much lol). So enjoy, take care and have a merry Christmas.
hugs and love

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Dec 2017

Great pictures. Now is it cold enough for you?

by pennifold 23 Dec 2017

Whilst we are overseas my sister Jewls is visiting Mum. Jewls lives in Tumby Bay, South Australia. They spent the day at our elder daughter Dana’s home. Love Chris
( the family - Aqualina, Mum holding Scooby, Jasana, Ryke and Jewls)

by Sewmum1 23 Dec 2017

Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Have a lovely Christmas

by castor 23 Dec 2017

I can see your having a great time Merry Xmas a Happy New Year and a safe Homecomming to you all Hugs Ursula