by cooperal 20 Dec 2017

This is as good a time as any for me to wish everyone in this group a very Merry Christmas and a New Year, 2018, filled with hope, love, joy and peace. We celebrate the birth of Christ in our home and know that He is the hope of the nations and that He is our source of love, joy and peace. Each of you be blessed as you share your traditions with family and friends. You are all in my prayers. Lovingly, Avis


by Leaha 23 Dec 2017

Thank you. He is in our home also, the reason I am able to cope. God bless you and yours. Enjoy the Birthday of Our Lord. hugs

by noah 23 Dec 2017

Well said HE is in my home to and i wish you blessings from above for 2018 Hugs Carolyn

by basketkase 22 Dec 2017

Avis, what a wonderful message for it all back to you and your family as well!

by 02kar Moderator 21 Dec 2017

Thank you for the gracious wishes on this very special holiday. May it be a joyous day filled with love for you.

by gdsteliga 21 Dec 2017

Christmas blessings to you and yours.
"For unto us a Child is born"


by kustomkuddle 21 Dec 2017

May your Christmas be filled with many blessings.

by sandralane 21 Dec 2017

Season greeting to you and your family. Best wishes for 2018, may it bring all peace joy happiness and good health for all. Sandra.