by Leaha 20 Dec 2017

Christmas is a time of miracles, be they ours or somebody else. ( Prayers will be offered for all the members whether they need them or not. :~P.)

Merry Christmas to everyone and your families. Enjoy, travel safely, eat lots of goodies and most of all be thankful for what you have: not what you don't have. hugs to all Leaha


by basketkase 22 Dec 2017

How lovely, Leaha......sending warm wishes for Christmas and New Years to you and your family.....

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Leaha by Leaha 22 Dec 2017

Thank you. :~)

by 02kar Moderator 21 Dec 2017

Thanks for this kind thought. I know there are many of our cuties who very much need prayers at this time. May this holiday be a wondrous, safe and happy time for you and your loved ones.

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Leaha by Leaha 21 Dec 2017

Your are welcome and thank you. Merry Christmas to you and yours also.

by graceandham 20 Dec 2017

The real trick of what you said is that we all DO need prayers, just a few of us may not realize it right now. Thanks for the prayers and your thoughts. Really working on being thankful for small and invisible blessings this year.

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Leaha by Leaha 21 Dec 2017

Yes you are right, sometimes more than other. I know I am trying really hard. Merry Christmas hugs