by noah 17 Dec 2017

A quick walk around this morning me and Mr.Peeko it was -32f !!Hugs


by mops Moderator 20 Dec 2017

Wow, coldest I ever experienced was -20C which is -4F(?) if my arithmetic is right.
I must say I prefered the -20C with clear skies and sun over the miserable excuse for winter we so often have: +4C, overcast and grey all day with added rain or drizzle. This year we won't have a white Christmas although it will be a few degrees colder than last year's +11C (which would be relatively high for Easter).

by toogie 20 Dec 2017

I would be as frozen as this scene. I just can't cope with cold. I went into my daughters house, hoping to get some warmth and relief from her fireplace. She had no fire, as we were going to go somewhere, so I ran with purple fingers to her stove and I had gloves on too! It is not nearly as cold here, maybe 45 degrees Fahrenheit that morning. Still, I love to look at your photos of the beauty. Stay warm my friend.-Toogie

by mechille 20 Dec 2017

Very Pretty as always Carolyn.... Hope y'all have a Very Merry Christmas.

by mariagiannina 19 Dec 2017

Please send some of the cold my way. We live in tropical north Queensland, so hot and humid at the moment!

by graceandham 18 Dec 2017

I would walk so briskly, you wouldn't even see me get out of the chair.

by dragonflyer 18 Dec 2017

BURRRRRRR.....cold, but beautiful!

by kustomkuddle 17 Dec 2017

Cold but beautiful!

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

thanks hugs

by Leaha 17 Dec 2017

Yes, just what the doctor orders to kill of bugs, germs and whatever. Will you set up a large fan and blow some to me? both snow and cold please :~))) hugs

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

oh how i wish *****

by shirley124 17 Dec 2017

Brave you and Mr Peeko. Too cold for me. Hugs

noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

lol well a dog has to go no matter what it is like lol

shirley124 by shirley124 18 Dec 2017

I guess so....

by tuross 17 Dec 2017

I can't imagine temperatures like that. Where I live on the Sth Coast of NSW in Australia, we might get an overnight low of 0 degrees celcius once or twice and maybe a low 9 degrees during the day a few times each winter. Mind you we do get plus 40 degrees celcius in the summer. Not sure which one is worse but I suspect that despite it's beauty your winter weather must make life very difficult at times.
Hugs from Lynne in sunny OZ

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

you get use to it and it don't really bother me except it takes 10 minutes to get dressed to go out and when u come in lol

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Dec 2017

A beautiful picture but I have not reached such a low temperature and don't wish to either. I'm sure you know how to keep warm and cosy and we know here that you keep yourself very busy with your embroidery.

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

yes to both things hugs as i sit by my wood stove :):)

by jid53 17 Dec 2017

Brrrrrr thats cold. I have never felt temperatures like that

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noah by noah 17 Dec 2017

It kills all germs and i basically am healthy except for my darn ole foot right now lol